Healthy Sweets for Diwali

Diwali is here and one can’t help but indulge in the sumptuous sweets that are a trademark of the festival. But yes, when we think of our health we do compromise on sweets but here’s healthy twist to traditional sweets, for all who would love to enjoy this festive season with flavours of desserts without the guilt.

9 Attas Multigrain Jaggery Halwa

This is a winter special Halwa which is equally healthy and tasty by Sugandha Saxena.

A trained chef, Sugandha Saxena is the owner at SU Chef who has inherited cooking styles from the traditional family recipes. Fostering her love for the cuisine, she has recreated Indian sweets by infusing the western flavours, she believes in propagating the originality and authenticity of the recipe.

Ingredients (Serves 10-15)

  • Wheat 50 gms
  • Jawar 50 gms
  • Amaranth 50 gms
  • Oats 50 gms
  • Soybean 50 gms
  • Barley 50 gms
  • Makka 50 gms
  • Channa 50 gms
  • Water chestnut 50 gms (singhhara)
  • Chopped Mix dry fruits
  • Ghee -400 gms
  • Crushed Elaichi 4-5 (Cardamom)
  • Grounded Jaggery – 400 gms ( you can increase or decrease as per your taste)
  • Water – 500 gms


  • Place pan on stove add chopped dry fruits and roast them till golden brown.
  • Remove dry fruits from pan and let it cool.
  • In the same pan add all the 9 attas (flour) and slightly roast them along with elaichis, Add ghee and stir for approx. 30-45 mins.
  • In a separate pan add water and let it boil.  Now add Jaggery into the water and stir continuously. (keep stirring to let not form any lumps)
  • Pour jaggery water into the roasted ghee atta pan and stir vigorously for 10 mins.
  • Add dry fruits to halwa and serve with silver leaf.

We also have two instant recipes Fruit Sandesh and Besan laddo by Loveneet Batra. She is a clinical nutritionist based out of Delhi, a consultant with Fortis healthcare, visiting faculty at IHM Pusa and has trained elite athletes including Mary Kom, Deepa Karmakar for Commonwealth and Asian games.  As a nutritionist, Lovneet Batra emphasises on quality nutrition choices, helping people cut through the clutter of nutrition myths and fad diets while fixing their relationship with food.

Fruit Sandesh

This Bengali sweet is made with fresh paneer which is a great source of muscle building protein. Flavouring it with fruits not only adds to the taste but also kicks in some age reversing antioxidants in your treat.


  • 1-cup paneer
  • 1/2 cup hulled strawberries
  • 4 tsp jaggery
  • 2 tsp milk powder
  • 1 tbs milk


Combine strawberries, 2tbsp of water and 1tsp jaggery in a pan and bring to simmer on a medium heat.Now add this sauce to all other ingredients and blend to a smooth paste in a blender.Spread the Sandesh evenly in a serving dish and chill for at least 30 minutes.

Besan laddo

 If you’re a laddo fan this is probably one of the healthiest one to savour. Besan can add to your daily protein and fibre needs while keeping you full for longer without a hunger rebound. It has a perfect mix of nutrients (calcium, magnesium, phosphate, zinc and vitamin K) for building and maintaining bone structure and strength.


  • 2 cups besan
  • 1 cup Jaggery
  • 3 Tbsp Ghee
  • ¼ tsp cardamom powder


Heat ghee in a pan, add flour and stir well. Roast until the besan turns aromatic, dark golden in colour and ghee begins to separate out from the flour. Add jaggery and cardamom powder, stir well. Take small portions and roll to balls.


happy diwali

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