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As any local will attest to, Gold Coast is in the midst of a long-term love affair with its coastline, but every now and then they like to put their car into cruise control, their body on ‘breathe’ and point that sat nav due west. They head to the hills with a picnic packed, traveling ribbon-like roads through a canvas of hills dotted with vineyards, waterfalls, rambling gardens and whispering streams. You can experience it all on your next holiday in Gold Coast, here’s a to-do list for your reference.  

Natural Attractions & National Parks

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The Gold Coast is Australia’s most bio-diverse city and has the largest subtropical rainforest remnant in the world and more…Whether you’re looking to recharge the batteries, shift into a healthier gear, get a good dose of nature or just kick back and relax – we’ll have you dialing downtime, in no time. Switch off the stress and slip into holiday mode with an invigorating escape in our blissful backyard. A velvet cloak is waiting to surround you in an oasis of serene emerald green. Welcome to our heavenly hinterland.

Amusement & Theme Parks


On the Gold Coast, fun comes naturally and with the biggest and best theme parks in the Southern Hemisphere calling the city…Did you know kids laugh on average 400 times a day, whereas us parental types manage a measly 15-20? Perhaps it’s time to loosen up. Mums and dads, let your imagination run wild and give release to your inner child with worlds made for the sole purpose of wonder.The Coast’s kid cred is already world-renowned – theme parks rise from the sand and sea. Jump into cute, cuddly and roaring wildlife encounters; worlds built entirely for those that bounce; and ice-creameries serving up sugar highs from just about every corner.Spine-tingling, hair-raising, “that was epic!” type of adventures more your thing? Gold Coast amps up the adrenaline with white-knuckled V8s and we’ll happily oblige if you need a wingman to scale sky-high buildings or zip-line through ancient rainforests.

Zoos, Sanctuaries, Aquariums & Wildlife Parks


Cuddle a koala, swim with the dolphins, feed a flock of rainbow lorikeets – there are opportunities at every turn to get up…Flanked by sea and fringed by hinHinterlandold Coast is a nose-twitching, wing-beating and tail-splashing haven for a menagerie of creatures that will have you channeling your inner wildlife warrior in no time. See yourself hanging ten with a pod of inquisitive dolphins? What about cuddling a little piece of Australia at one of the wildlife sanctuaries? Keen to channel Tay Tay (AKA Taylor Swift) with a #kangarooselfie? Upgrade your kids from ‘books’ to ‘blown away’ with a close-up encounter and hands-on tips from the knowledgeable crew. Or sign them up for a lesson on what makes this unique bush to beach backyard of Gold Coast click, sing, and roar.

Water Activities

The Gold Coast caters to every on-water activity imaginable. Choose from Jet Boating, Parasailing, Kite Surfing, Diving, Jet, and much more. Gold Coast calls themselves the children of the sea and lives by the ‘surf above all else’ mantra. It’s that salty, sandy goodness, the winding waterways that means home for the people of Gold Coast, the holiday for others, and soul food for all. From first-light wave chasing, to frolics on the sand with the pooch, an arvo family SUP sesh or a sunset spin in the tinny on the Broadwater – it’s safe to say, we know a thing or two about getting salty. Gold Coast loves to throw in a line, wax up the board, prep the boat and can be found switching between swell and wind forecast. Truth be told, if it requires a bikini or boardies, the answer is always a resounding ‘yes’.



On the Gold Coast, hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and bars are open late into the night and locals and holiday-makers alike…The Coast is a place where night bites, hatted restaurants, street-eats, and breweries are all served with a side of alfresco. A place where five-star feasting means dusting the sand from your feet; where surfers swap their boards for a latte at sun-up and little ones break from beachside frolics to feast on epic spreads of fish and chips.From Burleigh’s perennially popular rooftop bars to communal eateries in Palmy, fine dining at Broadbeach to reinvented venues in Surfers, there is a renaissance stirring up the Gold Coast culinary scene. Vegan eateries sit alongside revamped rooftops and converted warehouses, and foodies mix money-can’t-buy views with iconic surf clubs, food trucks, and local espresso haunts; and once the sun goes down, speakeasy vibes and cozy rum hideaways add another flavor to the scene.Whether you find yourself among the cool crowd at Nobby Beach or part of the social scene in Broadbeach or Surfers Paradise, consider yourself an acai aficionado, a sausage sizzler or a coffee connoisseur, nothing says you’ve had a cracker-of-a-holiday quite like gaining a little extra padding around the middle. Bon appétit!

Spas And Retreats


Relax, unwind and rejuvenate at one of the Gold Coast’s award-winning spas or wellness retreats. Whether it’s for a week, a…Living – It’s something people of Gold Coast take pretty seriously ‘round here. You won’t hear them moaning about overflowing inboxes or the morning commute, instead, they like keeping the Zen vibes rolling. Switch off the stress and slip into holiday mode. Set your work/life balance to ‘omm’. Tune out and take a minute to realign body, mind, and spirit. Relax into a totally indulgent day spa, chill out in a float therapy tank, join a candlelit meditation circle or escape to the hinterland for a digital detox. Because, well, you deserve it.

Other things you must try


There is much to do at their picturesque and scenic destination. To begin the list, one might as well rename it as Golf Coast.With more than 30 courses located within a 20km radius, this is heaven for golfing enthusiasts. From sports lessons and adventure action, Gold Coast also promises an exciting and busy nightlife scene. At night the countless city lights make for a spectacular setting and entice holidaymakers onto the streets in search of its distinguished watering holes, restaurants, and clubs.

With a little something on offer for everyone, Gold Coast makes for the perfect holiday destination. Add it to your bucket-list, if not visited already.


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