Ginger: A superfood in your kitchen

Ginger the must Superfood you should add to your Grocery List.

Ginger is surprisingly the most widely used dietary condiment in the world today.
The Chinese and Indians have used ginger tonics to treat ailments for over 4,700 years, and it was a priceless commodity during the Roman Empire trade around the coming of Christ because of its medicinal properties.
This tropical plant, in the same bo­tanical family as turmeric and cardamom, was effectively used for various alignments.
There are few factors which make ginger good for us. Out of the 115 different chemical components found in ginger root, the therapeutic benefits come from gingerols, the oily resin from the root that acts as a highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. These bioactive ingredients, especially 6-gingerol, have been thoroughly evaluated clinically, and the research backs up why you should use ginger on a regular basis.

Here’s a list of Health Benefits of Ginger:
Healthy bones: Ginger has a unique property which helps in maintaining healthy bones. The powerful anti-inflammatory compounds known as gingerols helps in improvements in knee inflammation and associated pain.

Digestive Tract Protection: Ginger is discovered as a digestive processor. It helps in regulating high sugar levels that disrupt digestion and soothe the stomach. Many of Asian Appetizer includes ginger in their menu for this reason.
Controls Blood Pressure: With constant research show ginger is a great source of maintaining blood sugar levels. It helps the body release insulin and supports the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. In addition, it protects the body against liver and diabetic kidney complications and eye problems by stabilizing blood sugar level.

Helps Calm Nausea and Vomiting: Various researches have proved that ginger helps in curing nausea during Pregnancy, chemotherapy and motion sickness. It’s fast absorption and rapid regulation of body functions cures nausea without the side effects of modern medications.

Migraine Relief: Ginger with its 200 unique essentials is believed to prevent block prostaglandins, which stimulate some muscle contractions, control inflammation and impact some hormones.   Therefore migraines may be prevented and stopped by ginger stifling the action of prostaglandins.

Stroke and Heart Diseases: Ginger is a great source of anti-blood –clogging ability, yet a powerful mainstay against heart stroke and heart diseases.

How to Use Ginger in your daily life:

There are numerous forms and ways you can use ginger to benefit for your health. The most common forms of ginger include:

Raw Ginger – one can use raw slices of ginger in morning smoothie or try homemade vegetable juice.

Ginger Tea – A very common therapy for relieving nausea, help cure the stomach burns and relax the body.  Have one cup two to three times daily to reduce inflammation. Also, adding a bit of raw honey and lemon to the tea makes it taste great!

Ginger Powder – using ground ginger powder for cooking is an excellent way to take advantage of this super spice. One can use in making Chicken Curry, homemade pumpkin pie and a ginger berry smoothie for breakfast. Also, it can be taken in supplement form as a capsule.

Ginger Essential Oil – this is the No. 1 way ginger can be used as medicine. One of the most potent forms of ginger is ginger essential oil because it contains the highest levels of gingerol. It can be taken internally to treat health conditions or rubbed topically with a carrier oil on an area of pain. Typically, two to three drops of essential oil are the recommended therapeutic dose.

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