Gempetit launches a flagship experience store

Your kids can start their affair with jewellery early in life with the offerings from Gempetit, the jewellery brand for kids.

Gempetit, an online jewellery brand launches its first store with timeless pieces crafted in 18-karat gold, especially designed for infants, kids and teens. Driven by the need for memorable and long-lasting gifts for children, Dhriti Goenka created Gempetit with pieces that serve as beautiful mementos and have a shelf life beyond just a few days of wear or play.

Sparkling cupcakes, shiny animals and royal shimmering crowns are making their way into pretty little cases at a new jewellery store in Peddar Road. At a time when children have access to all kinds of products and luxuries, gifting gold has a special significance. Not only is it known to be safe for sensitive skin, it is also a sound investment and has the ability to instil responsibility in young children.

Gempetit’s flagship store at Peddar Road gives you a firsthand experience of these sparkly creations displayed beautifully against greys, whites and pops of baby pink. Whether it’s a last minute birthday present for a charming girl or a well-thought out gift at a naming ceremony, Gempetit has the perfect options. Being allergy-free and certified, Gempetit makes jewellery shopping for children a worry-free and hassle free experience. There’s nothing like a little treasure from a doting aunt to her niece, from a proud papa to his girl or a happy grandparent for their sweet grandchild. So go ahead and make the little ones sparkle – there’s no better time for them to shine.


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