Gamers Alert: Why should Acer Predator Helios Laptop be on your next hit list?

Acer has unveiled its all-new Predator Helios 500 gaming laptop in India. The company has been lately stepping up its game in the gaming market with new exciting products including the premium section.

Acer recently has been renovating its gaming section with lots of mid-range and premium devices including laptops and gaming accessories. On may Acer unveiled its Acer Predator Helios 500 at New York Acer Global event. Now the laptop has been launched in India, with its 2 variants one with up to Intel Core i9-8950HK and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB graphics, and another with up to AMD Ryzen 7 2700 and AMD Vega 56 graphics. The company is boasting of features such as VR-ready performance, advanced thermal management, and fast connectivity.

Why look-up for this laptop?

The laptop is basically for hardcore gamers as it will be powered by 8th gen i9, and 8gb of Nvidia 1070 graphics. The laptop is having a 4K Ultra-HD or full-HD IPS 17.3-inch displays with 144Hz refresh rates. It comes with Intel Optane memory, NVMePCIe SSDs, Killer DoubleShot Pro, and up to 64GB of RAM. The laptop is suitable for intensive games and live streaming at the same time. It also supports Nvidia G-sync and has dual thunderbolt 3 ports (supports up to 3 subsequent monitors. Additionally, there are 2 speakers with a supportive subwoofer and has Acer’s own Waves MAXXAudio technology.

For cooling it has dual Acer’s aeroblade metal fans which distribute cool air inside and eliminates hot air subsequently.  It has RGB colour function which supports up to 16.8Mn colours in 4 zones.

The Intel Core i9 variant is available starting at Rs. 2,49,999 and the Core i7 variant is planned to hit the market soon with a pricing of Rs. 1,99,999. Notably, Acer has not announced any information about the AMD Ryzen 7 variant of the Helios 500.


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