French Phrases you must know

French Phrases you must know

The common French every travellers must know when travelling to France.

Getting around France is fun experience exploring the rich culture but not all times.  So before you start on a trip to France, make sure you memorize these simple, commonly used sentences.
1. Comment-allezvous? (How are you?) (Formal) Ca va? (Informal)
Bonjour and Salute is commonly known as the French greeting almost everywhere, but what follows the greetings are this expression of ‘Ca Va?’ which intends to ask the person how he/she is doing as a formal gesture.

2. Je ne comprends pas (I do not understand)
You can use this phrase to express that you need the person to communicate in a more expressive way!

3. Oùest-ceque se trouve..? (Where do I find…)
Blurt this out as soon as you need directions to need a certain place and your maps with funny place names aren’t being helpful.

4. Parlez-vousanglais? (Do you speak English)
This is the most helpful sentence which can redirect your entire conversation into one which you will be able to understand well!

5. Je m’appelle… Coomenttut’appelles? (My name is…) (What is your name?)


6. Je voudrais… (I would like…)
Need to order something off a menu? Use this phrase followed by the name of the dish you wish to eat and you are good to go.

7. Qusont les toilettes? (Where is the washroom?)

8. The Common Words:

  • Oui – Yes
  • Non- No
  • S’ilvous plait – Please
  • Merci – Thank you
  • De Rien – You’re welcome
  • Excusé-moi – Excuse me

The next time you’re at the Champs Elysees crossing with your phone buzzing on low battery or your stomach craving for some good French food and some weird words on the map in your hand. You can use the mentioned phrases to speak to the locals.

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