Food trends to lookout for in 2018

Food trends for 2018 @PeakLife

Like fashion, food trends come and go with changing seasons. PEAKLIFE helps you keep your finger on the food pulse with a list we’ve whittled down for the hottest food predictions for 2018.

Every year, the food scene is hit by a number of trends that change the way we eat. These trends are sometimes too weird for words-especially when parts of the world go crazy over cheese tea or cotton candy.Every year, new food trends arise based on what consumers determine will be the next hot topic. Whether it’s different cultural foods, environmental awareness or unique recipe ingredients, but some of these trends are just perfect. They are health-conscious, celebrate farmers and producers, and they always manage to look just so yummy on the plates!

Every year, we see a rise in these fads that inevitably affect the way we eat and plan our meals. It’s that time of the year when Food Trends will be discussed, listed, predicted and shared across the globe.These trends will tell you which obscure ingredient is going to hit the mainstream this year and these trends become a part of restaurant menus, food pop-ups, seminars and, of course, social media.

Here are the food trends that you’re sure to be sampling in 2018, that will make for a very appetizing and appealing year ahead.

Plant-Based Dining

Eating a plant-centric diet is something that continues to gain traction.With more and more chefs embracing vegan& plant friendly ingredients like tofu, tempeh, and quinoa, plant-based diets are on the rise. 2018 will see restaurants giving dishes innovative plant-based dining twists, to accommodate all the meat-free diets.You can look forward to a variety of plant-based cheeses, meats, and milks (such as barley, flax, hemp, pea, and quinoa) hitting the shelves this year.

Functional Mushrooms

mushroom @PeakLife

Mushrooms are going to be trending this year, and they’ll be cropping in all kinds of unexpected places.Another trend being pushed by health-conscious consumers is that of mushrooms making their way into all sorts of products. They’re packed with powerful antioxidants, vitamin D, and B vitamins and drinks like coffee, tea, smoothies are being packed with mushrooms like reishi and chaga.

Hawaiian Food

hawaian food @PeakLife

Poke bowls are everyday food in Hawaii – essentially sushi without the fussy presentation. This year it’s set to be the bowl of choice, with fresh, colorful servings of salad, veg, and chunks of cured, marinated fish popping up in every restaurant, café and supermarket imaginable.

Root to Stem cooking

root to stem @PeakLife

Root-to-stem style of cooking has been alive and kicking for a long time, within the high-end restaurant spheres.The idea is self-explanatory – using the entirety of the vegetable or animal, so as to minimize waste as much as possible.As the food crisis across the world intensifies, innovative chefs and cooks will continue their drive to stop food waste by using every bit of a veggie.

Fermented Food

Kimchi cabbage @ PeakLife

Hailed for their bacteria-boosting gut health benefits, fermented foods are bigger than ever in the wellness world.Fermented food will continue to be an on-going trend amongst foodies in 2018, as consumers become increasingly aware of the benefits of gut-friendly foods.This includes probiotics like kimchi, miso and kefir and prebiotics such as onions, garlic, and other alliums.


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