Flying Taxi: The New Buzzword

volocopter @PeakLife

“Flying Cars” are becoming a legitimate way to get around distances and an inherently cool idea of skipping across the sky in a personal vehicle amidst the new hot releases of flying taxis.

The near future could see flying cars picking humans up to take them on a commute through the air. The idea that flying cars will one day fill our skies is one that has moved from science fiction and is being implemented in the real life. The real proof is the latest release of the futuristic concept by Bell Helicopter and Intel-Volocopter.

Bell calls its’ ‘urban air taxi’ a ‘comforting, relaxing space‘ accommodating up to four passengers and boasting connectivity technologies, including Wi-Fi, artificial intelligence, video calling, and wireless charging. The aim is this futuristic way of travelling will happen in the very near future, after Uber announced it would be taking part in a joint industry and government push with NASA to develop software aiming to manage ‘flying taxi’ routes that could work like ride-hailing services, giving users an option at a fraction of their ground-bound commute.

The fully electric Volocopter 2X, made by German company Volocopter in partnership with Intel, can carry two passengers (up to a weight of 180 kilograms) and It takes 120 minutes to charge and has a flight time of 30 minutes at present, although its creators hope to expand this to 1 hour in the near future. It has 18 rotors, can fly up to 100km/h, and has nine independent battery systems. It weighs in at 290 kilograms, is 2.15 meters high and 7.35 meters in diameter.It is fully electric, allowing for zero emission travel.

The future of urban air taxi is closer than you think saving your most precious resource: Time.


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