Flare Audio’s Super Unique Earphones that can help cancel Noise

Flare Audio Sleeep Lead

Flare Audio advances in a new high-tech earplug, uninterrupted Sleeep®, a comfortable, light, and unobtrusive way of blocking out unwanted noise.

With an experience in the live music industry Flare Audio has learned and understood flaws with the traditional approach used to create loudspeakers and have developed patent pending technology to create pure audio in any sound-producing device.

Sleeep® is a new sleeping earplug designed with the ground-breaking technology by the Flare Audio. Sleeep® uses metal to cancel, rather than absorb sound like traditional foam earplugs. There are two models; Sleeep®, which comes in Natural Aluminium and Silver Pink and Sleeep® PRO, which is available in titanium.

Both Sleeep® and Sleeep®Pro models come with our improved range of super-soft and durable memory-foam tips (Earfoams®).


Great for reducing all sound while you sleep. Sleeep® are made from aerospace aluminium and come in Natural Aluminium and Silver Pink.

Sleeep® PRO

Especially good for attenuating lower frequencies. Sleeep® PRO is made from grade 5 titanium for maximum sound reduction.

The big innovation and mission of the Flare is to minimise all types of distortion from all audio designs, believing that the less distortion the better the connection to the music.


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