Fighting Acne with Hygienic Practices + Right Products

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Acne can be a thing of the past. With the use of the right product and a proper hygienic routine, it is possible to not only get rid of acne and pimples but to remove them from the roots once and for all. Read on to find out how.

Whichever age you are in and how so ever deep-rooted your acne/ pimples are, you can still manage to get clean and clear skin. All that’s needed is commitment to follow the basic cleansing, toning moistening daily and alternate day gentle exfoliation and practice hygiene.

Acne/ pimple is a bacterial infection and once we have considered it as a contagious disease and start practicing the basic and easily followed things to keep the bacteria away from multiplying. Here are few ways to take hold of half the Acne related problems.

  • Do not keep the hair open on days when you don’t wash the hair as hair has the tendency to pick bacteria from infected area and pass on to non-infected area.
  • Do not oil your hair if you’re pimple prone, and if it cannot be avoided, make sure to apply negligible amount on hair oil to avoid making your skin extra oily. Preferably use a non-comedogenic hair oil to be safe.
  • Consciously try to not touch your face often. This is to avoid the infection from spreading.  Your fingers can be dirty and can be the carrier of pimple causing infection.
  • Use a fresh pillow cover every day. Or use a fresh towel on the pillow where you put your face.
  • Use fresh hand towel to pat dry you face each time you wash.
  • Use only one brand products for all activities like cleansing toning, healing, moisturising, and exfoliation and that too products which are made to cater to oily-acne prone skin and your age.
  • If you cannot avoid make-up- make sure to clean/wash/sterilise/ sharpen your make-up products and tools etc.
  • After each meal make sure that you clean the area around your lips. These invisible bacteria multiply quickly that is why a small zit turns 3-4 times overnight.


How to Control Acne?

Acne pimples are the result of over production of sebum which makes skin oily/greasy. This over produced oil in pores is conducive to bacterial growth and thus acne/pimples are certain to pop up.

So, it is very important to practice the first step of cleansing the skin pores, second misting –filling the pores will steam distilled antibacterial water- as water is very important to keep the skin hydrated, third -heal acne with acne blend of essential oil and application of cream to seal the opened pores. And fourth step of gentle exfoliation to remove dry skin. This helps keep skin clean and nourished.

Also, as per my experience the result is visible to some individuals in 2-3 days while to some severely affected individuals in 10-15 days only.

When both are followed right products and appropriate hygiene – you are certainly going to see the results. If you are not getting the results –review the product and hygiene steps and see where you are lacking.

Here are some suggestions for products that you can use, depending on your age/skin type.

Skin care regime for teenage acne


Skin care regime for Young Adult Acne


Skin care regime for Dry Skin acne

Alkaa Punia
Alkaa Punia, Founder of Snaana & Expert on 100% Natural Products

Author: Alkaa Punia is an expert on 100% natural products and has her own brand ‘Snaana’ which is the first-of-its-kind all-natural skincare brand in India. Snaana’s products are not only 100% chemical free but are also 100% preservative free. Alkaa Punia believes that there is no need of exposing our skin to chemicals and preservatives, even in small quantities, and her brand proves that skincare products can be made without including any chemicals at all and keeping them truly 100% natural. 




Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not represent those of the GlobalSpa.



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