Ferretti-A world leader in yachts

Ferretti – a world leader in yachts

The new Global Order Book 2017, recognized and confirmed the status of a leader of the Ferretti Group in this category, consisting of 71 yachts over 24 meters, either sold or under construction, apart from holding a place in the world ranking of the 20 leading shipbuilders published by ShowBoats International magazine. It also held a place in The International yachting industry and was titled as one of the strongest groups in the industry.

With the significant and persistent investments from the shareholders, the Weichai Group and the Ferrari family of over 50 Millon Euros on product research and development, successfully introduced about 24 new models over three years.

The Group goes on further to solidify it’s position globally by securing a mention in the new Global order Book for 2017 in the definitive ranking list of the 20 top builders of yachts of over 24 meters.

An accurate account of the Ferretti Group’s incredible growth can be observed in this year’s Global Order Book in which the the Ferretti Group demonstrates real and successful growth is by the revenues and the profits achieved by them, and are ranked first in the world in terms of number of projects; 71.
The 31st of December will mark the achievement of the Group’s seven brands, through the successful completion of a target of a 148 yachts.

These 148 successful products have been delivered with excellence and it’s flamboyant quality, style and advanced technology, which made it a world leader in the market and industry.

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