Fendi’s Very Own Boutique Hotel in Rome

You can now not only visit Fendi’s flagship boutique in Rome but also stay there. The third floor of Maison’s extravagant home, Palazzo Fendi has been converted into the very first Fendi Hotel.

The hotel is ideally situated right in the middle of Rome and is very near all the places like the Spanish Steps, Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona, The Pantheon and Vatican City. Palazzo Fendi makes an attempt to not just make the customers experience the boutique but also live lavishly in the Fendi Private Suites especially designed for the customers.

Zuma Restaurant

The fourth floor of the Palazzo Fendi gives you an extremely mesmerizing view along with delicious food at the Zuma Restaurant. The Restaurant serves Japanese meal with a modern twist.

Palazzo Prive

The second floor of the Palazzo Fendi has been made for exclusive guests and customers only. It is a private and luxurious place which is just reserved for exclusive guests

The Boutique

Fendi’s boutique spans on two floors of the Palazzo Fendi building. The architecture of the boutique is designed in a way to pay respect to Maison’s roots while at the same time give the boutique an innovative and energetic vibe. The boutique features all of Fendi’s latest collection and gives the guests and customers an unbelievable experience.

Palazzo Suite

Fendi has tried to come out of its brand image and ahs gone with creating 7 suites which are the epitome of luxury and comfort. The guests have an option of selecting between Palazzo Suite, Deluxe Suite, the Junior Suite or The Corner Suite.

The Suite’s are a perfect amalgamation between the Classic Italian and the Modern Italian way.

They can accommodate 2/4 people. The Suite’s give its guests a mesmerizing view or the scenic beauty of Rome and gives them a once in a life time sort of a luxurious experience.


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