Exploring Russia beyond the FIFA 2018

With the FIFA World Cup happening in Russia this year, a holiday to catch the game is perhaps in line. But if you’re wondering what else you can explore in the country, here’s a guide on Russia from PEAKLIFE.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is just days away or has perhaps already kicked in if you’re reading this article a little late. The world cup is the biggest moment for football fans (or even the pseudo-fans) to catch up on the game, and perhaps experience the thrill and excitement by watching a game live in a stadium. Many plan to travel to Russia during the world cup, and if you are one such soccer fan, here’s a list that might come handy to help you make your Russian holiday a huge success.

Dine to delight

Russians love their salads, and the classic Olivier salad also known as Russian Salad is an absolute delight. While you travel around Moscow, as it is one of the venues for the FIFA World Cup 2018, you will be spoilt for choice with the long list of really alluring restaurants like Steak House Butcher, which ispopular for its Russian Rib Eye Steak. A must-try at the Samovar, another exquisite restaurant located in Saransk city is the range of salads. Some other famous Russian dishes that can be labeled as must-try are the Borscht, Stroganoff, Sweet-and-sour Cabbage, Solyanka Soup, and the Potato Okroshka.

Shopping & Indulgence

Russians are known for being connoisseurs of luxury. So, if you’re looking at indulging all the way, you are at the right destination. The Afimoll City in Moscow is a huge shopping centre with numerous shops and entertainment avenues. Famous for its stores of popular luxury brands, Megacenter Gorizont in the city of Rostov-on-don is the best place to visit and shop during your holiday in Russia.

Sports & Activities

Kva Kva Park

The best places to have fun and enjoy some sports activities apart from football, are the Kva Kva Park in Moscow, which is the largest indoor water park that you should visit while you are there. The best thing about this park is the ride on the roller coaster that is a real adventure and it also offers spa equipped with saunas where people can enjoy indulgent body treatments after the adrenalin rush of enjoying at the rides. Samolet Bowling Club is the largest bowling club in the city of Moscow, and you can go with your friends and family to have a gala time.

Explorers Alert

The heart of Moscow, which is one of the most visited tourist attractions, is Red Square and it is a must-visit place while you are there. Yaushev State Music Theatre is a beautiful cultural centre with great photographic opportunities such as water fountains and a newly built sports hall.

A Toast to Russia

The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow has its own O2 lounge that serves infused cocktails and if you are in Russia, you must try this. Dilicatessen is one of the best cocktail bars in Moscow famous for its drinks, amazing steaks and great ambience.

If you are planning to visit Russia for FIFA World Cup 2018, these are the must do things while you are there to help bring back many great memories of Russia, other than the energy and experience of the matches in the stadiums.


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