Exercise In Beauty: Mangusta Oceano 43

Mangusta Oceano 43 @PeakLife

PEAKLIFE gives you a special review of Mangusta Oceano 43. This beautiful 43-meter displacement ship, delivered last Summer, made her début at the last Monaco Yacht Show.

Mangusta Oceano 43 is the second three deck displacement ship the Group has built in its new 22000m2 facility in the Pisa wet dock, Tuscany, which is used exclusively for production in metal. Besides this one, other units are currently being built in the same location:  two 43-m of the long-range line, Mangusta Oceano and two 54-m and one 45-m of the new fast displacement line, Mangusta GranSport. Next summer will mark a major achievement since the first 54m flagship vessel of the new Fast Displacement Mangusta GranSport will be launched.

Mangusta Oceano 43 was designed by Alberto Mancini. Firmly in keeping with the shipyard’s unique expertise in building high-performance yachts, this model develops an innovative and indeed original concept for this important market segment.

An Exquisite Experience

This 43 meter is truly one of a kind, owing to her exclusive living spaces, impressive range, and excellent performance. The design is expressed in the painstaking attention paid to planning and developing the ship’s profile, the rich bodywork featuring countless details used in the automobile industry and the cuts in the glass astern which give her even greater dynamic thrust. It is also expressed in the mix of taut, sharp lines combined with softer sections, in the intersection between convex and concave surfaces, and in the construction requirements that become characteristic design elements. In “Unasola”, the nude look of the hull, with its barely perceptible coloring, intensifies the intersections of concave and convex shapes and highlights the yacht’s elegant proportions.

Cutting-edge Technology

The uniqueness of this yacht also lies in her onboard technology and stylish content, combined with a number of lifestyle features usually found on much larger yachts. One example of the habitability and cutting-edge technology of Mangusta Oceano 43 is to be found at the bow, designed with two separate sunbathing areas that merge into a swimming pool with an infinity effect waterfall. It is also present astern, with a hatch that opens out to create a platform over the sea, offering a glimpse of a beautifully furnished beach area. Or into the balcony overlooking the sea in the Owner cabin, the side garage at the bow and the accommodation ladder.

Next-level Customisation

Alberto Mancini designed the entire yacht, including the interiors. They have been entirely custom-made to the Client’s wishes, regarding both the layout of the spaces and the décor. They have been designed to accommodate up to 12 guests in 5 cabins as well as a crew of 7, ensuring the utmost privacy and freedom of movement.

Behind the feeling of extraordinary space and comfort on board, the continuous dialogue between interiors and exteriors and the design of the various different areas and furnishings, there is all the background of Mangusta technology: lighting design and natural light which enters through the large windows; a reduction in the visual barriers which enhances the spaciousness and increases the proximity of Owner and guests to their surroundings; a terrace overlooking the sea and a built-in head with a game of glass in the Owner cabin; glazed transparencies on the bottom of the pool, on the stern hatch and on the decks that ensure continuity between interiors and exteriors; a side garage at bow; an accommodation ladder; the quality of interiors, not only for the amount of materials used and the painstaking research carried out before they were chosen, but how they were produced and matched together.

On the technical side, this yacht offers a quality of performance as well. She can reach a cruise speed of 11 knots and range of over 4500nm and guarantees stability both at anchor and underway. The use of last generation technologies and materials limits both noise and vibrations.

Her exclusive performance is part of the Mangusta tradition and the fruit of the building expertise and technical skills which have always made this shipyard stand out.


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