Everything you need to know about Tequila

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Tequila has a lot more heft and history to it than most of us know. PEAKLIFE sets out to explore this Mexican spirit.

Today’s tequilas have matured with class and are right at home on the drink trolleys of all fine spirit purveyors. To help you better explore this Mexican spirit, we have collated everything you need to know about it in one handy place.

What is Tequila?

Tequila is a spirit distilled from the juice of blue agave plants grown in five specific regions in Mexico. There are basically three types: Blanco (white), Reposado (rested) and Anejo(aged).Generally, Blanco is the lightest and brightest, with a clean, crisp sweetness and stronger agave character, Reposado is darker and more flavourful and Anejo is the darkest and most complex.

How is tequila made?

Tequila is made of mature blue weber agave which takes 8-12 years to become mature.Then the plant is steamed in order to turn the starches and complex proteins into fermentable sugars.The pulp is removed from the sweet juice called ‘Mosto’, to which yeast is added. This mixture is then heated and cooled rapidly, which then results in the formation of Tequila.

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The Different Varieties of Tequila

The different varieties you actually know and love are actually based on the aging process.The five bottled categories are Blanco(un-aged or slightly aged, white tequila),Oro(un-aged tequila that is flavoured with other aged tequila), Reposado (aged at least two months, but not more than a year), Anejo(aged at least a year, but no more than three year) and Extra Anejo (aged at least three years ).

Is there really a worm in the Tequila?

Tequila does not have a worm. In the 1940s, a few brands started a marketing ploy attributing aphrodisiac and magical qualities to the worm but soon high-end tequila makers steered consumers away from this gimmick.

Why Tequila is a great spirit for sunny days?

Tequila without a doubt is one of the true spirits for a sunny day – or to remind us of summer, as the weather cools.Flavours can range from salty and vegetal to zesty to floral to rich and honeyed. The aging process can lead to wide variety of flavor, which makes tequila versatile.

Drink it Right

Tequila shouldn’t be thrown like a pill that leaves a lump in your throat. If you really want to taste the craftsmanship, sip your tequila straight up and slowly. To catch all the flavors, use a traditional sipping glass. Savour the quality that is poured into your glass.

Tequila is a much more interesting spirit than you may have assumed from your tequila-shotting early years and is more versatile than you may have initially thought; proving to be a tasty addition to a whole raft of cocktails.


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