Beer Yoga is a thing, and here’s everything you need to know about it

We have hot yoga, aqua yoga, stoned yoga, aerial yoga and now we also have Beer Yoga! Here is everything you need to know about the beer yoga session.

Beer Yoga is the fitness trend that has gone international in no time. Beer yoga is a concept which has brought together icy cold beer and the process of attaining enlightenment.

This idea was cultivated in Germany in a small hip studio where locals went to stretch during their drinking sessions and it is seen as the “marriage of two great lovers: beer and yoga.”

According to the founders of “ BierYoga” , Emily and Jhula, who take it very seriously. Beer Yoga is designed in a way to help you reach your highest level of consciousness. It was an attempt made by them to combine the joy of drinking and mindfulness of yoga and convert it into an energizing experience.

The concept is simple; you perform yoga poses while enjoying nice beer as well as adding weight to your practice. Beer bottles also give you the challenge of balancing beer bottles on your head during your yoga sessions.

Beer Yoga generally uses only one bottle of beer during the class and you will most likely not get drunk from it and the weight of the bottle is also used to strengthen the yoga poses.

Beer Yoga however has met with a lot of criticism by experts.

The first rule of yoga is to always practice on an empty stomach. If there is food in your system while practicing it can lead to nausea, bloating, heaviness and gas!

If you’re practicing yoga to lose weight, then again beer yoga is NOT for you. Beer comes with next to no nutrients and is filled with calories. It may hinder your practice by not allowing your body to burn calories. The liquor in beer is changed over to acetic acid by the liver which later changes over to fat. So on second thought, it’s the most counter-profitable practice to receive.

However the biggest problem beer yoga has to offer is that it hinders with the breathing process. Breath work through exercises like Pranayam is designed to purify the bloody and the respiratory system. But consuming beer during yoga leads to the opposite result as you’re going to have alcohol in your system now. While drinking beer, you’re intoxicating yourself, which in turn breaks your concentration towards the body leaving you with just putting your mind to either stopping yourself from burping or keeping yourself balanced during practice.

This concept of beer yoga comes with a lot of criticism but is still practiced by a lot of people worldwide. This is maybe because it is so unusual.


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