Enhance your Home’s Aura with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese Philosophical practice working for the sole purpose of harmonizing the aura and energetic vibes of the environment with the positive powers of people residing in it. Everything, even the inanimate objects have energy. Hence, one cannot overlook any of the small or big things brought into the house to get maximum benefits from their sheer presence.

Unlocking the vivacity and liveliness of all the articles in reach and surrounding to welcome peace, happiness, wealth, and prosperity for the residents of a dwelling. Interior Designer Neetu Arora, IVY Concepts bring you the principal elements of Feng Shui that should be considered well in advance during the interior as well exterior makeover.

Make the entrance obstacle free

When it comes to the front door of the house, Feng Shui strongly desires it to be strong, obstacle-free, along with adequate bold shades. Other than the doors, windows should be made opaque blind or can be covered with any decorative curtain of choice. Just as in life, you must direct the energy where it goes, and the entryway is the starting point of welcoming the energies into your house. Make it a point to deck this part of the house with some fresh flowers, greeters or a Buddha to let the energies register them into the household with a calm and serene vibe.

Bring home the water elements

Good Feng Shui ensures bringing home the serene and soothing effect of nature’s most precious element, water. Water is the main elements associated with wealth and abundance and while bringing it home ensure it to be clean, clear and free-flowing. Stagnant water is a big no and instead, you can also go with the paintings of waterfalls or rivers.

Reach for the heights

The tall, column-like shapes lift the spirits and the positivity because it represents the upward movement. If you always feel confused and doubtful about your choices, it would be helpful to place some tall bookcases, vertical artworks and high-backed chairs all around your living place. Placing these artifacts a little above than the eye level can also improve the fortune.

Arrange a place for the greens

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The Feng Shui practice relates the color green with luck and prosperity. It is advised to surround your space with this color either with the beauty of green indoor plants or with other interiors having this lucky hue to better reach the full potential mark. Pale green hues are good for the better beginnings while leaf green colour ensures progress in the right direction, whereas the dark green symbolizes success and accomplishment.

Woods and flowers need a space too

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Woods do demand care and precaution but they do attract a good amount of fortune at home as they reflect the nature’s growth potential. Getting the woods instead of the items made of plastics and metals will bring a tremendous change in your prospects. Other than this, add fresh sunflowers and pink daisies to home, particularly at the northwest corner of the home to be lucky in the relationships. Even the bamboo-based wicker furniture holds enormous potential to glorify one’s fortune.

Get yourself a house guardian

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House guardian is a statue that is placed right outside the entrance of the house and is good for those facing an unusual run of bad luck since long. There are several house guardians available in the market, but ensure you choose the one that holds deep personal meaning for you. Dragons ensure physical protection; frogs work as a wealth-shield; tortoises wend off the career ups and downs; dogs ward off the enemies and the cats defend against the emotional upheavals.



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