Ducati’s Hypermotard 939: When a hyper thrill engine meets cutting-edge style

Ducati Hypermotard 939 LEAD

Ducati’s Hypermotard 939 has it all. A power-packed engine, stunning looks, comfortable riding experience, and is sure to deliver 100% fun. Get your riding gear on, as PEAKLIFE takes you on a spin with the Hypermotard 939.

Unmistakable Style

Thanks to cutting-edge design, the Hypermotard 939 range is distinguished by breathtaking aesthetics and an implementation-oriented towards maximum fun. An original look inspired by dirt bikes made even more bold thanks to the high, sleek tail and narrow sides.

The power-packed engine

Hypermotard 939 combines the latest generation Testastretta 11° engine with Riding Mode, Power Mode, and Ducati Safety Pack technology. Don’t hold back: face every road with Hyper toughness.

Cutting-edge Chassis

Ducati’s Hypermotard 939 pic 2
The compact and durable steel tubular trellis frame makes it possible to contain the bike’s weight and allows for a comfortable riding position thanks to the raised handlebar.

Non-stop Emotions

Thanks to Ducati’s constant attention to quality and reliability, the 937 cc Testastretta 11° engine allows optimal maintenance management: valve adjustment is scheduled every 30,000 km.

Standard Equipment

The Hypermotard 939 series includes Power Modes and Full Ride by Wire. Available in the two Ducati Red colors with red frame and black rims and Star White Silk with red rims and black frame.

The Engine: Testastretta 11°

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The Hypermotard 939 can count on the performance of the 937 cc Testastretta 11° engine, always fluid and ready in its response thanks to a substantial amount of torque at low and medium speeds. This engine is equipped with special technical components like the exhaust system that can combine a maximum power of 110 hp maintaining compliance with Euro 4 standards, and the oil cooler that guarantees optimal operating temperature. The full usability and generous power of the Testastretta 11° bring out the versatility of the Hypermotard 939 and at the same time confirm the unmistakable character of the Ducati twin-cylinder. A distinctive technical heritage, starting with the Desmodromic timing system, to which is added the important contribution of the anti-hop clutch, which kicks in during the most demanding downshifts for a unique riding experience.

Anti-hop Clutch

Ducati’s Hypermotard 939 pic 4
The Testastretta 11° mounted on the Hypermotard 939 family is equipped with wet clutch with anti-hop function, which can be operated with an easier touch on the lever. Thanks to a progressive self-servo system and high friction clutch discs, the transmitted torque is increased with other conditions being equal, resulting in a reduction in the load on the pusher plate springs, and, in the end, the load on the lever. The anti-hop function is triggered when the wheel torque has a contrary action and achieves a reduction in the pressure on the clutch discs, thus making it possible to maintain the stability of the vehicle during aggressive downshifts typical of very sporty rides.

Exhaust System

The type 2-1 exhaust system equipped with 50 mm ducts and exhaust valve, comes together in a single silencer made of absorbing technology, finished in black and with a shiny stainless steel endcap. The system is completed by a catalytic converter and two lambda sensors to ensure perfect compliance with Euro 4 standards.

Technology: Power Modes

The Ride by Wire system, featured on all models of the Hypermotard family, makes available three different engine mappings to control torque and power delivery: 110 hp with sport delivery “”HIGH”” 110 hp with progressive delivery “”MEDIUM”” 75 hp with progressive delivery “”LOW”” The structural characteristics of the new 937 cc Testastretta 11° engine, combined with the use of the Ride by Wire system that controls the opening of the throttle bodies based on the inputs received, represent the starting point for the Riding Modes for Hypermotard 939 models. Each Riding Mode is preset to a mapping of the engine but can be varied and personalized to the needs of the rider.

Riding Modes

Ducati’s Hypermotard 939 pic 3

Ducati Riding Modes marked a milestone in motorcycle engineering, making it possible to choose pre-set modes – depending on the model – to optimize vehicle behavior according to the rider’s riding style and environmental conditions. All models of the Hypermotard 939 family offer 3 Riding Modes that can instantly change engine power output and ABS and Ducati Traction Control levels, even while riding. The Hypermotard 939 Riding Modes are as follows: SPORT: Sports Riding Mode provides 110 hp of power and a delivery with a direct response of the RbW to throttle opening, a reduced intervention of the DTC system and level 1 elevated ABS braking efficiency with reduced rear lift control. TOURING: Touring Riding Mode provides 110 hp of power and a delivery with a more progressive response of the RbW to throttle opening, an increased intervention of the DTC system and level 2 ABS braking efficiency with maximum braking stability and lift-up control. URBAN: Urban Riding Mode provides 75 hp of power and a delivery with a progressive response of the RbW to throttle opening, an even greater intervention of the DTC system and level 2 ABS braking efficiency with maximum braking stability and rear lift control. The Hypermotard 939 SP version provides even more power to reach the 110 hp for the Race and Sport Riding Modes.


The compact instrumentation of the Hypermotard 939 range features warning lights at the top of the instrument panel for notifications regarding neutral gear, turn indicators, high beams, engine rpm limit, oil pressure and fuel reserve, while the lower part includes an LCD display with a DOT-Matrix area for displaying all other data. The display provides information on speed, rpm, gear engaged, odometer, trip1 and trip2, engine coolant temperature, ambient temperature, and clock. It also displays values like current fuel consumption, average consumption, average speed and journey duration. The DOT-Matrix area permanently displays the selected Riding Mode and the corresponding ABS and DTC levels set. It is possible to easily select the three Riding Modes available in both static and dynamic conditions using the turn indicator return button.

Ride by Wire

The new Hypermotard 939’s Ride-by-Wire system includes a compact electronic throttle control that fits perfectly with the minimalist design of the blocks.


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