Ducati unleashes the Monster 821

Ducati unleashes the Monster 821

The new monster 821, with its supremely sporty performance and agility, has been designed for maximum riding pleasure. PEAKLIFE takes a closer look at this new beast!

Ducati launches an updated Monster and its arrival has ramifications way beyond the obvious. The debut of the revamped Monster 821 represents a roll of the dice for the Italian company’s management. They are counting on it remaining the best-selling model of any across their entire six-platform lineup. The Monster 821 is not an all-new model. Rather, it is a new engine variant. The 821 badging denotes the engine’s cubic capacity. What is worth mentioning here is that after the Monster 1200, the 821’s is the second motor to get liquid-cooling. The engine is, of course, not all-new. It was first featured in the Hypermotard, but it has been tweaked to suit the Monster’s nature.

Looks and Styling:

Ducati Monster 821 looks
The Monster 821 follows trademark design cues of the Monster family, with a muscular, sporty line, characterized by the L-twin engine and unique exposed steel trellis frame. The imposing 17.5-litre sculpted metal tank presents a muscular image, emphasized by a narrow waistline and a compact headlamp, giving a friendly full frontal appearance. The design of the new Monster 821 is 100% Monster. The volumes, silhouette, tank, and headlight are true to the original lines of the bike born in 1993 but revisited with a modern flair. The iconic and unmistakable tank also comes with a fastening hook, just like the first Monster.

Engine and Gearbox:

Ducati Engine

Powering the Monster 821 is a new Testastretta 11 degree 821.1cc L-Twin, which makes 112PS at 9250rpm and maximum torque of 89.2Nm at 7750rpm. The tubular steel trellis frame is attached to the cylinder heads of the Testastretta engine, a method pioneered on the Panigale. The Ducati Safety Pack concept on the Monster 821 incorporates three-level ABS and eight-level Ducati Traction Control (DTC). The Monster also offers a choice of three pre-set Riding Modes: Sport, Touring, and Urban. Each Riding Mode is pre-programmed to instantly change engine character, ABS and traction control intervention – even while riding.

There are a few other useful changes. The previous 821’s foot pegs were a single-unit design but are now separate for more ground clearance and a more premium look, and the rear tyre is now a more commonly found size (180/55). Under the seat, you’ll find a USB socket for charging your phone or GPS device. A Ducati Multimedia System optional upgrade enables syncing your phone up to the Monster 821 to take calls, as well as control your music on the move.

Firing the Monster 821, into life starts with a pleasing soundtrack from the asymmetrical exhaust. As it complies with the latest Euro4 regulations, it’s quieter than the outgoing model, but still plenty loud and bassy enough to create a sense of occasion.

It’s fairly obvious that the previous Monster 821 was already a very good bike, to begin with, and the new Monster 821 is more about refinement than all-out change. With the electronic upgrades, tweaked design and top-notch build quality, Ducati hasn’t rocked the boat – and that’s just fine because it didn’t need rocking anyway.
Undeniably there are more exciting, higher specification bikes in its peer group, but none of them get to wear the Monster badge or come with such heritage – nor that yellow paint job.


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