Dr. Seema Rao: Wonder Woman

Dr. Seema Rao India's first woman commando trainer

India’s first woman commando trainer, Dr. Seema Rao endlessly inspires women towards a path of empowerment. 

Dr. Seema Rao is 49-years-old, daughter of a freedom fighter, wife of a President Rank awardee, and an achiever in her own right. Wikipedia states that she is ‘India’s first woman commando trainer, having trained Special Forces of India for 18 years without compensation.’ As we force her to spell all that she does, Dr Seema shares – “I am the senior most BB in Asia highest ranking female instructor in the world in Bruce Lee’s Art Jeet Kune Do. I did my Scuba diving with PADI. I am an HMI gold medalist. I did a course on Sailing and yatchmanship. I earned my Para Wings, skydiving under the IAF. I was also a Beauty pageant runner up. I produced a Film on woman empowerment which won the Dadasaheb Phalke Jury Appreciation certificate. I am the author of 7 books military, political science, medicine, philosophy. My books went to FBI, Interpol and SWAT.  I have been a motivational speaker, Tedx speaker seven times and a National Women’s Parliament speaker.” A believer of ‘live life to the fullest’ theory, she says, “My biggest strength is the realization that life is a short journey. You must squeeze every moment to its fullest, and explore your abilities.”

Sharing her mantra for balancing life and work, Dr. Rao says, “I would like to remind women to take care of their body and mind whilst excelling in their professions. Family is important too. In your marriage, help your partner reach his maximum potential and insist that he too help you reach your maximum potential.” This go-getter strongly believes and recommends women to never give up. “After having trained 15,000 soldiers in subject of close quarter battle, I feel that women should learn to judge themselves and not be judged. To not stop when they reach an obstacle in their path. To not depend on opposite sex for their security but taking charge. The process of empowering women has started. A revolution has begun. Women are getting conscious of their rights and becoming aware of their latent abilities. It’s about time women unleash their capabilities in all spheres. We women should support one another in this cause. We should stop being threatened by other women and instead encourage others. The empowerment is taking place in all spheres, government, defense, corporate and political spheres.”


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