Do’s and Don’ts for a healthy Karvachauth

Tips and tricks for healthy and safe fasting

Modernised thinking and flexible bent of mind is a prerequisite and going by today’s era these steps for fasts could make you uncomfortable.

The tips here Dietitian Sheela Seharwat, founder and head mentor of Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt. Ltd. will help restore the energy and make one survive throughout the fasting hours.

Dos and Don’ts:

Remember your immense love is seen by the practical action of cares and understanding towards your beloved. Fasting is not advisable for pregnant, diabetics, renal failure patients, urinary tract infected patients. Faulty fasting comes with repercussions health problems.

Avoid strenuous workouts you gym freaks!


The before sunrise meal is known as sargi which your mother-in-law prepares for you filled with carbs and proteins is a balanced and energy rich diet, which includes sweets like milk-pheni(semolina), dry fruits, full of potassium and electrolytes stabilizing liquids. So, the main catch is to consume healthy carbs (carbohydrates) and proteins as full nutrition supplements. One can go for cottage cheese, lemon-water, and coconut water. The hunger is curbed by sweet addition which could cater the glycaemic levels and energy maintenance berries, bananas, oranges, pomegranate, papaya and pears maintaining fibres. Oily food makes you lethargic and dizzy.

Diet includes:

A bowl of mixed fruits,1 Oat or whole wheat roti 100 grams of cottage cheese with methi or mint leaves½ cup of Dahi/Curd, Lemon water or coconut water. Few almonds, dates or figs along with some pomegranate

Avoid the heavy meals, instead of eating in large amount go for the right meal.

Avoid strenuous workouts you gym freaks!

The fasting hours:

Keep yourself busy so you don’t remember the need to munch in between.

Opening up the shed den…that is after the fast is opened:

Don’t jump on the meal like you have never eaten food from months of starving. Start your meal with juices and salads. Add protein rich food. So prepare a home cooked savoury rather than junks. Go for wholegrain chapatis, dals, vegetables and curd.

Diet includes:

A glass of water/ refreshing lemon water or coconut water, Some nuts and seeds – ½ a fistful, A glass of water, 2-3 Idlies, or whole wheat chapati, A bowl of dal or sambhar or sprouts, A bowl of yogurt, A bowl of veggies, A piece of dark chocolate to can satiate your sweet cravings instead of heavy sugar and oil laden sweets.

So, ladies have a beautiful Karva Chauth!

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