Crossfit: Your solution to Weight Loss


In recent times, leading a healthy lifestyle is becoming a main concern for the mankind. Crossfit is the most innovative and time-saving way for you to be stronger and healthier than before.

Crossfit, as a competitive sport was introduced in the year 2000 by the founder himself, Greg Glassman. It is a perfect fusion of gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting and other exercises to form intense workouts that make your entire body sore but your brain ecstatic.

And, if you are still thinking, how Crossfit will help you lose weight quickly and easily? Then all you need to do is, relax and read on.


Every day is a different day in Crossfit. It’s not like the regular gyms, where you have same set of exercises to perform. Over here, a new workout is designed everyday by the coach at the box, so that your spirit to perform better than yourself always remains high. And since Crossfit involves complex movements and you are new to this, then the workout can also get customised according to your level.


There is without any doubt, no chance that you don’t experience a change in yourself. Crossfit is a journey which will help you develop both physically and mentally. Within a few weeks of rigorous training, you’ll feel much lighter and healthier. The exercises involved in Crossfit will help you develop lean muscles and shred out all excessive fat from your body. And you won’t have to go through this journey alone, for which you will have to read the next point.


Crossfit is a community where people come together as a team to workout and build friendships and relationships. In here you learn together, fall together and also grow together. When you enter a crossfit box, keep all your egos aside and learn new things from your fellow mates. This will keep you motivated and energetic even in the toughest of the situations.



Researches show that Crossfit is best way to develop cardiovascular strength. Instead of running at a constant speed on your treadmill, try some innovative and complex movements of Crossfit. It will also help you correct your form and posture.  As an alternative to the traditional methods of training, crossfit offers high intensity training, with half the time commitment and increased efficiency.

Crossfit essentially offers varied exercises on a regular basis which keeps our mind and body guessing as to how to react. The same increases the efficiency of the exercises and does not let our body adapt or get accustomed to exercises which end up giving delayed results. So the next time you are at the gym be sure to enquire about CrossFit, your one way ticket to a healthier and a stronger lifestyle.



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