Corsica Sojourn

How to spend 48 hours in Corsica.

Corsica is where you find the wild beauty of France, stunning cliffs, crystalline waters splashing at the sandy beaches.  Corsica has become better-known destinations with towns like Bonifacio, with its tall citadel and vibrant waterfront cafes, and Porto-Vecchio, with its yacht-filled harbor and night club scene.

An ultimate destination for a weekend and perfect for Sojourn, enjoy the simply beautiful Corsica.


Morning –
Corsica is about 1000 km of coast, an aquatic enthusiast can go kayaking with a partner, or try hands on wind surfing. The beach also provides diving facilities and numerous other activities with safe life- guarding.

Afternoon: Corsica has this unique facility for the tourist; one can go around the city viva tourist trains. These trains have different routes; discover the traditional and enriched culture of Nebbiu village. Also witness the San Michele Chapel of the 12th century. Another route is De Bastia, which starts at Place Saint Nicolas, taking you from Street Napoleon, the Citadel and old Port.

Evening: You can get down at Musée de Bastia, to see the thematic collection of the palace along with ancient artifacts. The renowned collection includes birth and urban growth which belongs to 15th century to the 20th century. Other collection includes Centre of the Power, Culture Centre of the 19 the century. It is a must visit heritage site for art and architectural lovers.

Night: Casino D’Ajaccio is the perfect place to be at, after long cultural experience. Try your hands at 60 different slot machines. The casino has beautiful tables of English Roulette, Blackjack, Stud poker and many more. You can have a splendid meal at the restaurant and specialized cocktails at the piano bar.

Morning: After a night at the casino start another fresh day, at Le Week End. This Mediterranean- style restaurant offers a hearty brunch of pouched egg on sourdough, fresh fish Frittata, and pouched and grilled lobster and egg and Quinoa muffins. Wash it down with fresh-juice and Mediterranean coffee.

Afternoon: As the sun appears high, drive to highest point at the Corsica and indulge in some breathtaking views and landscapes. One can also take a small jet and view the scenic beauty of Corsica.

Evening: Corsicans are very keen on preserving their culture, and they like nothing better than to share it. Throughout the year, you can taste olive oils, wines, chestnut specialties. Metal, wood, wool, basketwork, pottery – Corsica is home to a selection of arts and crafts of the highest quality, with craftsmen and women creating unique, individual art often inspired by their local culture and society. Pick up some of the stunning crafts from the market back home as souvenirs.

2_Bains de Caldane
Night: Before you part from this eccentric city, treat yourself to wellbeing in the natural baths of the hot springs of Caldane at Bains de Caldane. The water here is slightly sulphurous and has curative properties. Indulge in pleasures of thalassotherapy or simply relax at a spa.

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