Corneliani’s ‘Formal Affair’ is for a Dapper You

Corneliani is an Italian menswear luxury brand and is widely known for its elegance and delicacy. They have recently introduced a new range called the ‘formal affair’ which perfectly complements your formal apparel.

The newest introduction from Italian luxury menswear brand, Corneliani, is the range called ‘formal affair’ which is a mix of premium leather belts, wallets, bags, shoes and ties which perfectly complement the formal apparel. This line reveals true elegance in the outfits. Corneliani painted subtle nuances on extremely supple leathers, like on
a canvas, dedicating to its accessories the same attention an artist devotes to their art. The color of the suit ends up becoming bolder and blends to create new combinations that replicate a vintage styling essence.

This range of apparel is designed especially for working men, and is the best way to bring in a breath of formal styling to your wardrobe. The belts, briefcase and wallets in different hues of browns are crafted from premium leather and are finished with the expert refinement of old-style craftsmanship. They have also introduced a range of shoes which is extremely elegant and comfortable in order to follow modern man’s steps across the city. Varied in monk strap, derbies, brogues and loafers, Corneliani’s shoe collection is ideal to wear on all special occasions and board-meetings alike. Corneliani’s refined wardrobe caters to the need for functionality of our modern life. So, complete your formal look with these Italian work staples.


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