Cocktails for summer

Quench your thirst with our best summer beverages, from classic cocktails to fresh fruit juices and spritzers.

Cucumber Mojito Cocktails

A light, refreshing cocktail with fresh lime and mint and a surprising, pleasant crunch from cucumber slices this recipe is as simple as it gets. A pitcher of this can be made a few hours in advance –adding alcohol (Gin or Rum) at serving time. You can also add a little spice and sugar according to your taste buds.

Watermelon Zubway

Created in 1999 by Mixologist/ Bartender Jamie Terrell from London, Zubway is an Ultimate cocktail to try out. The building blocks of your summer are as follows: little juicy watermelon cubes, sugar syrup, raspberries and Vodka.

Thai basil Sangria

Blended with the Spanish drink sangria which draws its name from the blood-red colour of its traditional red wine base makes a perfect cocktail. This stripped-down version gets its rich golden hue—and zingy flavours—from white wine, fresh-squeezed orange juice and a kick of brandy. Add basil sprigs along with orange slices to enhance the flavours.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri_main

A frosty blend of strawberries Daiquiri cocktail is made with Cuban rum, lemon juice and syrup. Add vibrant smooth strawberry and strawberry slices will surely  take the drink to the next level.


Make this refreshing and summer-inspired lemonade with fresh coconut water and syrup and fresh lime juice. With a little rum, they’d also make great cocktails. Created by Martin Cate 2009, Forbidden Islands, San Francisco, will surely kill this summer.

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