Celebrate this festival with your family

Plan this weekend with your siblings and family, explore beyond the concrete jungles. Try fun activities like camping, hiking, visiting cool cultural, and villages nearby.

Check out these great ideas for a fun family weekend trip that doesn’t break the bank.

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Situated 4,700 feet above sea level in the Servarayan Hills of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is a quiet hill station with largely undisturbed natural beauty. Surrounded with abundant forests, vast coffee plantations and some unique species of flora and fauna the town spells the beauty indeed. There are no malls or entertainment arcades. Shopping involves fresh horticultural produce and most of the activity is centred on nature via trekking, camping, boating and dirt biking.

Distance: 190 km from Bangalore

Sunderban National Park

Located in West Bengal, Sunderban National Park is one of the largest national parks in India. It boats an exotic array of flora and fauna species, especially Royal Bengal Tiger. The mesmerizing woods of Sunderban are the natural heaven for ardent wildlife lovers and nature admirers. The star attraction is the Royal Bengal tiger, along with deer and other animals. Stay at jungle resort to experience the local rural theatre -Bonobibi Yatra performed by the villagers.

Distance: 57 km from Kolkata

Sandhan Valley, Maharashtra

Sandhan is a less known but one of the best trekking spots you could ask for. Mainly known for its trekking and cliff camping, this place is filled with adventure lust. Near Bhandardara, it affords the thrill of descending into the ‘Valley Of Shadows’ any trekker would die for. Take the rail or road route to Kasara, regular jeeps ply between Kasara to Samrad Village (80 Km) from where the trek begins. The more you travel, the deeper the place will get.

Distance: 180 km from Mumbai

Dausa, Rajasthan

What makes this place so special is the bewildering step well featured as the ‘Pit’ in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. This village located near Jaipur is a place of abundant historical marvels like Bhadrawati Palace and Khawaraoji. So give some time to your family this weekend by paying this place a visit and understanding the hidden mythological answers to the ancient culture.

Distance: 260 km from Delhi


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