10 beautiful places to visit in Scotland

10 beautiful places to visit in Scotland

10 alluring places to visit in Scotland for you to rediscover yourself and appreciate the beauty of nature According to London-based publication Rough Guides; Scotland now holds the title of the most beautiful country in the world. So, we bring you ten places which sum up the beauty of Scotland. Edinburgh  Edinburgh is the capital […]

Things to do Israel


Explore the diverse culture, landscape and food of Israel with enthralling family activities and breath-taking scenery. A Country that is rich in the diversity of landscape, culture and food while offering enthralling family activities and breath-taking scenery, Israel is located on the coasts of the Mediterranean and Red Seas. In under seven hours one could drive from North to […]

6 Best Dive Spot Must Explore


There is no better way to explore the underwater world of marine animals, shipwrecks, fascinating coral towers, limestone formations and schools of colourful fish than scuba diving. Here is the list of the most unique, unforgettable diving destinations around the world. Palau Located in the western Pacific Ocean, Palau is an island country. With vivid […]

Discover Malaysia as a traveller’s paradise


With a landscape as diverse as its culture, Malaysia is the new star on the travel block. With its increasing reputation as a highly friendly and hospitable nation, Malaysia is rapidly climbing the charts of the most favourable family holiday destinations in the world. In a country full of exotic beaches, shopping districts, food festivals […]