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Cryptocurrency: Understanding Bitcoin

The astonishing price-rise in Bitcoins over the past few years has fired the imagination of investors across the world. The rally has brought unimaginable wealth for many early holders of cryptocurrency, and the Governments to take notice of its existence! The idea of cryptocurrencies has been around since 1998 when computer scientists like Wei Dai […]

8 tips to strike insta-fame

8 tips to strike insta-fame

Failproof tips and tricks to increase your Instagram followers It’s not just about over pouting or posing right, it’s how interesting and engaging is your Instagram profile. Keeping up to the instagram trends is essential to engage with your followers, and ultimately lead to more and more followers, and hence striking Insta-fame! Let’s take a […]


The Compass, A camera In a league of its own

Jaeger-LeCoultre showcases the compass Camera, which remains one of the unique masters pieces every made. You might have heard of the Compass Camera before, but if not it’s a compact camera that Jaeger-LeCoultre created in late 1920s. The avant-garde and astonishingly sophisticated Compass is a camera that has made an enduring mark on the history […]