tea for winters @PeakLife

Why is tea the super-drink for winters

Consumption of tea increases through winters. Not only, does tea provide warmth and coziness, it also helps to de-stress the mind and uplift one’s mood. As winter rolls on, we often hear excitement about hot chocolate and coffee.But, tea remains the most popular pick on the list of wintertime beverages. Not only do we enjoy […]

Celebrate health with your loved one @PeakLife

5 tips to celebrate health with your loved one

With New Year unfurls a thousand reasons to make a toast and celebrate, and as the season of love makes its way into our lives again, it calls for preparations to make the much-awaited Valentine’s Day the most special and exciting one. But in all the fun, do you wish to take your health and that of your lover’s for granted? Why not celebrate health this season of love instead? […]

Staying healthy @PeakLife

Staying healthy secrets revealed

Remaining fit and healthy without the churn of dieting and exercising is a secret because dieting and exercising are the common ways to lose weight but dieting doesn’t work always and exercising requires a lot more effort. Women always want to look their best and their inches perfect but it gets difficult because of the […]

fitness BFFs @ PeakLife

Your fitness BFFs in the new year

Health goals are different for different people. Be it losing some extra weight or gaining some strength or stamina, your journey towards a healthier you can be revved up with these BFFs by your side. If you’re still focused and determined about keep your new year’s resolution of getting fitter and healthier, you need to […]

keep your skin hydrated @PEAKLIFE

5 winter foods to keep your skin hydrated

“You are what you eat!” If you believe in this saying, read what Rinki Kumari, Chief Dietician, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, has to say about eating right this winter to help your skin get ready to fight dryness and stay soft and radiant.  In the winter, the brisk, windy air outside and the warm heated air inside can dry […]

hangover @ PEAKLIFE

The wise drinking guide to survive the morning after

You wake up with your head feeling stuffed like a pillow, your eyes pink and matte, your lips dry and struck, and a mind that can’t think straight. Smell the air; smell your sour breath. These are those quiet few seconds before a headache kicks in: before the bright light blares through the curtains and […]


How to lose water weight overnight to get your body NYE ready

This is your last chance to look fit and fab at the NYE party with these easy tips that will help you shed your water weight and instantly lose an inch or two. Read on… Water weight generally is just some extra kilos in the body along with the bone and muscle weights. It’s festive […]