BMW M5 sets two new world records for drifting

BMW M5 @PeakLife

BMW has pulled the wraps off the new M5. The haute beast has, through deed and reputation, earned a huge fan following. Recently setting the new Guinness World Record for drifting, BMW M5 is the car to watch out for this season.

In the world of sports sedan, BMW M5 has obliterated the world record for the greatest distance vehicle drift of 232.5 miles (374.2 km) sideways jaunt at the Performance Center skid pad in South Carolina. Just to add a little more spice, the car was refueled jet fighter-style while in motion and the record for the longest twin vehicle drift has also been set with it.

Outwardly smart and sophisticated, underneath lurks a real bruiser in a Boss suit, with amazingly well-controlled power and agility and little outward sign of the hard-earned muscle definition lying beneath, M5 is a one in all package car.

A beast under the hood

bmw M5 hood @PeakLife

Aimed at well-heeled and deep-pocketed executives who want excitement on their daily commute while also being cosseted in luxury, the sixth generation of the five-seater high-performance M5 has a 600 horsepower twin turbo 4.4 Litre V8 engine.

The M5 is all about luxury inside. The seats are made of fine grain Merino leather which has electric control heaters and memory settings to suit all shape and size of the driver. The large digital display carried over from the standard 5-series has been reconfigured for the new M5 and includes a speed warning alarm.

Of design and sophistication

The design of the car is also engineered to improve performance. The face at the front is aerodynamically shaped to splice the incoming air and reduce any drag or resistance.

BMW has also brought across all the latest safety technology from the regular 5 series which includes; lane keep assist, front and rear cross traffic alert, front and surround view cameras. The car also features semi-autonomous technology which allows the vehicle to steer, accelerate and brake for itself up to 30 seconds.

For the second look

bmw m5 second look @PeakLifeThe bonnet, which also an M-specific design, is made from aluminum and boasts eye-catching sculpture lines. These extend into the extremely lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced plastic roof- a standard feature of the new M5.

With a pedigree going back 33 years to 1984, the taut and well-toned sixth-generation of this German autobahn-stormer is a master of discretion. The BMW M5 represents the uncompromising fusion of an elegant business sedan with a fully output oriented, high-performance vehicle. Experience it for yourself and discover which detail of this car makes you a lifetime fan.


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