BMW 7 Series: A take on Contemporary Luxury

BMW 7 Series @PeakLife

BMW 7 series bears a distinctive and elegant design that makes this mean machine the epitome of luxury.With a standard long wheelbase, carbon-fiber construction, and a host of new comfort and safety features, this new car is one of the top luxury sedan cars.

Impressive Interiors

The interior is as opulent and luxury as possible and maybe best in class. With a lovely array of leather, wood, and aluminum, the new 7 series interior has a bright, comfortable and airy feel to it. There’s a new iDrive system, version 5.0, which utilizes touch screen inputs as well as gesture control. There is ambient lightning everywhere and it doesn’t look too flashy or silly. It has calm exteriors as well as opulent interiors.

Traditionally innovative

With functions such as BMW gesture control, to BMW Laser light and BMW touch command to BMW remote control parking pioneering innovations is the driving force for the BMW. BMW 7 series is an innovation that clearly boosts driving and traveling pleasures.

Distinctive Design

BMW Design @PeakLife

The 7 series shows typical BMW design in its most elegant form. It radiates it’s natural and authoritative from every angle, be it forward-surging front, the extended side view or powerful rear.From the active air stream kidney grille, the high-precision appearance of the wheel design and the seamlessly incorporated Hofmeister kink, BMW 7 Series represents luxury at a next level.

The BMW 7 series is the optimum combination of driving comfort, dynamics, and efficiency and represents precision and quality craftsmanship at a supreme level.


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