presents their latest new array of jewellery, Mother of Pear collection- Tarsie

An expression of the art marble inlay work; the collection features items that follow the latest new trend of gemstones trapped and protected inside the jewellery.

This magnificent new collection that is available on the official bluestone website takes its name from the Arabic phrase of marble inlay work where predefined patterns are delicately carved into the marble, typically to add some colourful element. With utmost attention to details, this art of marble inlay has been beautifully captured by the brand and that has clearly translated in their one of a kind collection- Tarsie.

Keeping up with the latest trend in jewellery making, Bluestone’s Tarise is a first-time rendition of “Mother of Pearl” that is designed using the latest trend in jewellery of trapped and protected gemstones. Typically, gemstones are set in jewellery using conventional setting styles like prongs; however, this classic method is replaced with a modernized version that involves using a halo of precious colour tones and mesh to hold the gemstone within the piece.

Bluestone’s Tarsie integrates exquisite combinations in fine quality mother of pearl that is paired with gemstones, diamonds and beautiful enamel work in white and yellow gold. Available in the forms of chokers, rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings, this supreme selection of mother of pearl pieces are meant to add splendor to your every attire.

Some of the highlights of Tarsie collection are mentioned below:

  • The Haala stackable rings:

This diamond, emerald, mother of pearl ring in 18k white gold with diamonds is available on at a price of INR 1,05,562. The colours are kept subtle but majestic enough to pop and match with almost all the looks.

  • The Alia Mina dangler earrings:

Studded with diamonds, ruby, and Mother of pearl, enclosed in 18k white gold, you can get your hands on this piece at a price of mere INR 1,50,054. The solid colours are meant to add a different element to your everyday look.

  • Ihkam Disc chocker necklace:

Comes with ruby, diamond, and mother of pearl in 18kt yellow gold along with diamonds, this item is priced at INR 8,25,369 and is a perfect piece for any bling-worthy occasion.

  • The Naadia necklace:

This gorgeous necklace comes studded with ruby, diamonds, and Mother of Pearl in white 18k gold with diamonds and is priced at INR 7,87,088 on the official bluestone website.

  • The Rayen Stud earrings:

This ruby, diamond, and Mother of Pearl earring in 18kt white gold come at a cost of INR 30, 050. The design is kept simple and light, making it a perfect everyday wear.

  • The Taavi dangler earrings:

Ruby, diamond, and mother of pearl earrings in 18kt yellow gold is available at a cost of INR 47,578 on the official bluestone website. A comparatively fancier piece, this is a perfect accessory for any formal occasion.


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