Biggest gifting trend for 2018: silver artifacts

New-age silverware home décor accessories balance the charm of traditions with the flair of impressive elegance. Jalaj Anand, Creative Director Frazer, And Haws tells us how silver artifacts are the most preferred gifts this season.

As traditions change and mold themselves to the new-age trends, it is quite evident how the next generation has new tastes and preferences when it comes to gifting. In a globalized world, modern products, designs, and motifs pass from culture, country, and history to form a collective design sense that is pervading the design landscape. These signs are apparent on the Indian silverware gifting industry as well.

Gone are the days when a silver thali along with idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha, were the mainstay of silver product purchases. People rarely ventured far from these staples, besides pieces of silver for the bride or close guests at weddings. We see now, that silver has become a versatile and widely used material, which has helped evolve its perception as a gift.


Adding an edge

Silver’s high use is apparent in the interiors accessories segment. Statement clocks, desktop accessories, mirrors, wall art, lamps, and other decorative artifacts are some of the objects comprising of silver that are available in shops these days. Usage of mixed media has been instrumental in enhancing the aesthetics of the products. Another trend to note is the prevalence of silver in personal accessories such as cufflinks, tie pins, broaches and kurta button. These pieces lend a regal air to any outfit.



Personalization makes it special
A person looking for a gift has a plethora of choices before them.From festive gifting to birthdays and anniversary, or any other special day, or perhaps just a thank-you gift, silver makes its mark as a preferred choice for the right gift for all occasions. Furthermore, customization has multiplied these options to a great extent. First invites to the groom’s parents, or a return gift for a baby shower, whatever it may be, we at Frazer and Haws provide complete design and customization services.






The timeless gift winner
However, there is a gifting-favorite in silver that has survived, albeit in a modern avatar. The quintessential silver dinner and tea set. It serves not only as a gift to a new bride but also as a way to lend grace and sophistication to your tea party or a dinner do. Frazer and Haws specialize in providing exquisite motifs and designs of your choice for such unique silverware gifts.





Making a mark

Undoubtedly, there is a perceived intrinsic value of a gift that’s made of silver. It is quite evident to the person receiving the gift since silver is regarded as a luxury material, that a lot of thought and care has gone into picking it. Besides, Frazer and Haws designs and manufactures its silver pieces with a high level of care and perfection, so that they may be treated as heirlooms and thus readily passed down through generations. The beauty of a silver piece is perennial, never fading. A simple polish is all that is necessary, to restore the splendor and beauty of the original piece.

All things considered, the next generation while treasuring the invaluable silver artifacts of yesteryears is now looking for avenues to express their own style and swagger. While the approach to gifting has changed, the mindset that silver holds a certain value and beauty has not.

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