Big Bang Bavaria, the ultimate timepiece

Hublot launches Big Bang Bavaria in bronze to celebrate Bavarian craftsmanship.

Hublot, the Swiss luxury watchmaker once again managed to captivate people with their new timepiece, Big Bang Bavaria in collaboration with the German fashion house, Meindl. The traditional look of the watch provides the new generation of Bavaria a unique way to reconnect with their identity.

“For over 10 years, the Big Bang collection has been confirming that all styles suit it. Denim, linen Pop art, thousand colors… it also emphasises traditions. After its collaboration with the lace of Saint-Gall Bischoff, Hublot has partnered with Meindl to create the Big Bang Bavaria. This new piece is cut from an ancient metal—bronze, a metal that Hublot has loaded with tin and burnished—and its bracelet made from tanned hide, shaped and embroidered using age-old techniques. This watch has a rich history which naturally ensures its place in the future. Tradition and innovation have fused to celebrate Bavarian alpine art” says Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

In accordance with craftsmanship and age-old materials, the watchmaker and the tanner have fused their expertise to create the Big Bang Bavaria. Cut from bronze, it is strapped onto two robust, hand-embroidered bracelets in deer leather. What could be more appropriate than launching this watch, which symbolises Bavarian traditions and innovation, during the world’s most renowned festival – Oktoberfest?

The Big Bang Bavaria is a limited edition timepiece with only 100n piece’s designed keeping in mind the tradition of Bavaria and the name of the brand itself. Big Bang Bavaria is perfect for any formal meets or water enthusiast with having a water-resistant power of 100m and extremely comfortable due it’s black rubber and brown leather deer strap with an embroidered oak leaf attached to a brushed bronze case. It’s 45mm diameter and 16.30mm thick case is designed to smoothly embrace the curve of any wrist. The glass of the dial is made from Sapphire with anti-reflective treatment and Hublot logo printed on the inner side. And the thing that makes it unique and high-priced is the micro-blasted black ceramic engraved “LIMITED EDITION 100NUM” on the behind of the case.

So, celebrate the Oktoberfest this season with an ultimate timepiece that will remind you of the centuries of expertise and tradition that lie behind the construction of the watch.


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