Bentley Puts The Future In Writing

Count Charles von Faber-Castell and Chris Cooke

Bentley Motors recently announced an exclusive partnership with Graf – Von Faber Castell to launch some luxury writing accessories and materials. PEAKLIFE gives you a special preview on what’s brewing.

Bentley Motors puts the future in writing and recently announced a new and an exclusive partnership with Graf von Faber-Castell to launch a collection of luxury writing instruments and accessories that perfectly combine timeless design, passion for precision and extraordinary craftsmanship.

The ‘Graf von Faber-Castell for Bentley” collection comprises three ranges of writing instruments and matching accessories to be launched later in 2018. All products were jointly designed, developed and manufactured by Graf von Faber-Castell and Bentley to reflect their joint commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship. Chris Cooke, head of product design, Bentley Motors, and Count Charles von Faber-Castell, Head of Premium Graf von Faber-Castell, worked closely to create a classic yet contemporary pen design, reflecting both brands’ values and heritage.

Bentley is synonymous with legendary vehicles that combine the highest levels of performance with the ultimate in comfort and refinement. These qualities also characterize the new “Graf von Faber-Castell for Bentley” collection, From September 1, the collection will be available worldwide at retail prices from EUR 220 to EUR 390 in Graf von Faber-Castell stores, department stores, and specialist shops, online and in selected Bentley car retailers.

Over the coming year, the collection will be expanded to include additional ranges of writing instruments and a special limited edition.



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