Baumatic: The new movement of Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier showcase their performance from inside in their new collection of Clifton Baumatic.

The Swiss watch brand Baume & Mercier for the first time has developed their own mechanical movement called Baumatic.

The Baumatic movement was launched at the SIHH’2018, which also marks the beginning of Richemont Group’s first combined introduction of a silicon balance-spring and a high-performance escapement. This movement features authentic innovations and a number of optimized characteristics while ensuring effective cost management. TheBaumaticmovement also enables spectacular progress in terms of horological innovation.

Here are few highlights of the Movement

This new caliber responds to the real problems encountered by self-winding watches, and provides innovative solutions in four distinct fields:

  • Power reserve
  • Chronometric accuracy
  • Sensitivity to magnetic fields
  • Durability

Power reserve

The power reserve of a standard watch movement ranges from 40 to 70 hours when it is fully wound. So now all the Baume & Mercier watches equipped with the Baumatic™ movement will have a high-performance of 120-hour power reserve, i.e. 5 days.

Chronometric accuracy

A standard watch requires regular time-setting, from the instance its daily variation in precision is around 20 to 30 seconds per day.

In addition to its COSC-certified chronometer model, all of the Baume & Mercier watches equipped with the Baumatic™ movement are adjusted to a precision rate of -4/+6 seconds per day and offer a stable level of precision throughout the whole of the power reserve.

Magnetic fields

There are many effects that may be caused by magnetic fields: the most common being the movement suddenly stopping or a loss of precision.

The Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic™ watch is resistant to at least 1,500 Gauss, a resistance 25x higher than the current ISO norm.


A watch movement is a complex mechanism comprising numerous mobile miniature components.  Their perpetual interaction results in friction and wear, which can be minimized by lubrication, a delicate issue in any watch movement.

So here the quality of the various lubricants for the Baumatic™ movement make it possible to prolong the maintenance service intervals beyond the generally recommended five years.


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