Atmantan Wellness Centre introduces Restorative Physiotherapy

Atmantan wellness centre’s recent introduction is the restorative physiotherapy that offers holistic, guest- centres treatment and management for a whole range of physical conditions.

Nestled in the lap of the majestic Sahyadri Mountains and overlooking the blue waters of the Mulshi Lake, Atmantan is spread over 40 acres of lush green valley.

With 106 luxurious guestrooms and villas with attached balconies and sit-out gardens, the Atmantan wellness centre is a perfect for wellness treat. It also features a 6525 square feet fitness facility that includes a gymnasium and physiotherapy, yoga, and functional studios. In addition to the features of Atmantan wellness Centre, there is also an amphitheatre, Prana, and a meditation pavilion, Dhyana.

Atmantan’s New Introduction – Restorative Physiotherapy


Restorative physiotherapy at Atmantan is a recent introduction which is a researched based program offering holistic, guest-centres treatment and management for whole range of physical conditions. The focus is on restoring mobility, strength and improving the quality of movement such that the desired level of physical comfort is achieved. The retreat includes: Individual wellness consultation, postural assessment, body composition analysis etc.

Atmantan Spa

Haven of bliss, Atmantan spa offers a splendid array of therapies, ranging from the traditional Ayurveda, oriental acupressure, and aromatherapy massages to the detoxifying Chi Nei Tsang, honing body polishes, Pranic chakra and cleansing. You can even indulge in specialist hydro-treatments such as the Hammam, Vichy showers, open-colonics and soothing balneotherapy.

Atmantan Food


The place has exquisite spa cuisine, prepared with super foods that nourish and excite you with fusion of international culinary styles. From macrobiotic to Ayurveda, Mediterranean to Asian, Atmantan’s epicurean journey consists of whole and organic foods, wherein every dish even calorie displays, vegan, gluten, dairy and sugar free choices. The cuisine philosophy encourages moderation and not deprivation. The resort’s 3 food and beverage outlets Vistara- The main dining, TE’-JUS- The Juice Bar and Chantara- The Barbecue lounge, all serve sumptuous spa cuisine through the day.

How do Atmantan gives it back to the Nature? 

Atmantan is a proposed Gold Lead certified project, and some of the stellar green initiatives at Atmantan include – Solar energy, which is probably the primary source of heating water for nearly all the applications at Atmantan. The sewage treatment plant installed at Atmantan is revolutionary and they use treated chemical-free ware for all their landscaping requirements thereby not burdening the soil with any chemical residue. The sewage treatment plant installed at Atmantan is revolutionary and they use treated chemical-free water for all their landscaping requirements thereby not burdening the soil with any chemical residue or toxic materials which then enters their food chain.

Besides employing rainwater harvesting, vermiculture, Atmantan has their own chef’s garden where guests can meet and pic their own food produce.


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