All you want to know about No-Shave-November

All you want to know about No-Shave-November

No-Shave-November is a huge fad and a good reason to skip shaving all through this month. But the fact is that No-Shave-November it is a unique movement to grow cancer awareness. Read on…

It is that time of the year when you let your beards, sideburns and mustache grow while you give your razor kit some good rest. But is it much more than just a blown-up fad? Yes, it is a very unique way of growing cancer awareness other than being a pop-culture thing that’s in trend these days.

This initiative started due to the tragedy on November 2007, when Matthew Hill, father of eight children in Chicago,  lost his life due to cancer. Further to this mishap, the children decided to start a charity called ‘No-Shaved November’ to raise money for cancer awareness. The idea here was to not shave through the month of November and the money saved by not spending on grooming be donated for this charity.


All you want to know about No-Shave-November

Popular culture catches on, and the No-Shave-November movement also caught on. Over the years, slowly and gradually, many big leaders and celebrities joined this innovative campaign to raise money for this charity and to raise awareness about cancer. But do their style game fades away as the beard gets heavy (read bushy)? Absolutely not. They use various products, grooming techniques and even maintain a healthy diet for this period to look absolutely on-point even with a beard and mustache.

So, we guide you through some of the must-have products and grooming habits that are majorly required for you to flaunt that luscious beard.






Must-Have Products

Elemis ‘Smooth Result’ shave and beard oil All you want to know about No-Shave-November

It comes handy in keeping your beard hair smooth and silky and rest down the fuzz which makes it ughh.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo All you want to know about No-Shave-November

is perfect for the daily wash routine to keep your beard clean and impressive.

Mountaineer Brand, 100% Natural Moustache Wax 

style and prim your beard to keep each hair in place and be ready to receive compliments in bundles.

Honest Soap for Men Beard Wash  All you want to know about No-Shave-November

another must-have to top up the hygiene of your beard, and keep it tidy and impressive.

Daily Grooming Habits

Grooming your beard requires continuous effort and cannot be a one-time activity. You need to pamper it every single day just like a little baby and the results will follow. Click here to read more about the daily habits of well-groomed bearded men, which can help inspire you to have a luscious impressive beard just like our poster boys.



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