A look back at the legacy of the Luxury Italian Interior Design

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From the iconic and the avant-garde to beguiling contemporary designs that resist categorisation, Luxury Italian Interior Design has been helmed by some of the most notable names in architecture and design.

Since its inception, Luxury Italian Interior Design (LIID) have worked with the mission: to represent the Italian excellence in the luxury interior market.

With the collaboration with the companies and networking LIID has come up with a pool of 9 companies, providing expertise in the field of design and unique projects.

Design is our strongest asset together with professionalism and capacity of finding innovative solutions. LIID work contains projects on mega Yachts, Luxury Hotels and residences which has enriched our professionalism that we propose today to our clients.

Mantellassi 1926

luxury furniture

Mantellassi 1926 is an antique furniture company, an example of Italian style in the world. It stands out for its total look furniture, especially designed to be unique and reflect a strongly characterized luxury.


luxury furniture

Adopted from progressive integration of tradition and innovation, Gaudio stood out in the furniture market in Italy, specialized in design and manufacture of custom furniture in the highest range of interior. All Gaudio products are eco-friendly and certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001) and operates in Italy and board.


luxury designing

Promotech is identified with a revolutionary design that allows the integration of lighting, furniture and materials with special construction techniques, offering lighting design projects perfectly integrated in the different styles required by the client. Promotech has partnered for designing, construction and installation of custom made lightings through intelligent and advance solutions.

Bertozzi Felice

luxury interior design

For the past 60 years the processing of marble, stones and granite is in the DNA of Bertozzi Felice, the company process begins from natural characteristics of the material; it is able to enhance its uniqueness through the craft experience. Bertozzi Felice uses all the latest technology to give customized answers to the demands of interior designer.


luxury leather

Combining the heritage of culture in the industry with its creative spirit and the most innovative technology, RoyaLeather was born in 2009 in Santa Croce sull’Arno for luxury leather projects in the interior design market.

Arredamenti Siciliano

luxury handicraft

Started in 1937 by founder Francesco Sicilano expert cabinetmaker of the Bologna area, Arredamenti Siciliano is a company doing special handicraft features. Today realizing their important works in Italy and in several other parts of the world they have chosen to remain a company with handicraft features, just not to lose the tradition of this work.

Pianeta Gemme

luxury interior design

Over 30 years of experience in the cutting and engraving of the stones, combined with a deep knowledge of raw materials, mean that the stone is shaped and transformed by the hands of skilled craftsmen. Pianeta Gemme has worked to establish itself in the luxury interior design market through the research of the most innovative production techniques and the combination of different materials, natural and synthetic to realize the most ambitious projects.


ETS is now a leader in the energy, telecommunications and systems integration. A growth that distinguishes ETS for its ability to support his customers (private and business) in all stages of a project. The ETS home automation applied to the luxury interior has been transformed into added value of excellence.

CEI Concept Lab

luxury lab

Passion for work and the gratitude from clients drive CEI Concept Lab to search new products and perfect technical solutions and interiors, a co-operation between technicians and architects. It started with the audio Hi-Fi for home followed by the first High End video systems for big screens and in the middle of the 80s our encounter with Bang & Olufsen and with other supporting products.



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