A touch of heaven


Submerge your senses in an atmosphere of absolute serenity. Your journey begins the minute you enter our YHI Spa.

YHI Spa at Melia is a place infused with YHI´s energy, for stimulating the senses and dedicating time to purifying the body, bringing harmony to the mind and cultivating the soul.

The unparalleled treatment at the YHI Spa brings in the unique concept of YHI energy’s with quiet restoration.Step into the YHI Spa, an oasis of tranquility where your thoughts relax among colours and relaxing music. With world class facilities of Jacuzzi, Cromotherapy, Sauna and experienced professionals and therapists who take you to a place of quiet refuge.

For Unique experience, treat yourself to Pure Oxigen, its ideal for frequent travellers, smokers or people that live in a polluted environment. What sets apart is the use of pure oxygen molecules, which give energy to the skin and help the elimination of the toxins stored. The therapy last for 50 minutes.

One can also opt for Diamond Luxury Facial which is for 80 minutes to treat the natural defence system of the skin. The unique facial helps in maintaining long lasting hydration and improves the elasticity and the cutaneous tone. Moreover it has an anti-stress action and it gives back the natural brightness to the skin.

Also indulge in Reflexology therapy, which is based on the belief that all parts of the body are represented on the hands and feet and through digital pressure it detects, prevents and improves any physical and emotional ailments, achieving optimal body working.

Nothing beats the goodness of YHI Spa, Whatever you choose; you’ll emerge relaxed and steep into the wellness here.

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