A Supercar Cab App Service Comes to London!


This all-new ride-hailing app service in London gives you the chance to ride a supercar, and even a gold-coated supercar is making us want to visit London right away.

Miwhip is the latest on the London cab app circuit, and calls itself “London’s first minicab app with the chance to ride in a supercar.” This ultra-luxury Uber rival promises to be a ‘ride-hailing app service that offers a surprise super car ride.’ And by the “surprise super-car” we mean that you can very well expect to travel in gold supercars (yeah, real gold ones), for a trip that will cost as little as £5. Their super impressive fleet of golden Supercars includes the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488, Rolls Royce Ghost II, Mercedes G Wagon and Mclaren 720s. The deal here is that for every 100th journey booked through the app, you are allocated one of its fleet’s high-performance ‘minicabs’, and that too for no extra charge. Also, as sources reveal, the app does not confirm on the make of the vehicle assigned as your ride when you book, as the founders of the company wish for you to be surprised every time the “supercar cab” arrives to pick you up. However, you do spell the number of passengers while booking in order to avoid the confusion of being stuck with a two-seater Lamborghini coming in to pick a group of four passengers.

Making us want to visit London soon to explore this service… the official site of miwhip announces to be “Made by Londoners. Made for Londoners.”

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