A silver of pure design

Indulge in some festive shopping for your dear home at the newly launched Casa Pop store at Select City Walk Mall, Saket.

A name that reverberates as a testimony to remarkable design, Raseel Gujral Ansal grew up in an environment suffused with artistic ingenuity owing to her father, renowned artist, architect, sculptor and Padma Vibhushan awardee Shri Satish Gujral.

Creation of Raseel Gujral Ansal Worxx in the year 1986 and launch of luxury lifestyle retail brand Casa Paradox in 1993 saw this elegant lady venturing into interior design as well as interior and exterior architecture.

As one of India’s leading lifestyle designers, Raseel Gujral’s design philosophy is ardent in its refined use of art, glorious objects, distinguished patterns, strong silhouettes, textures and a chic colour palette; all of which combine to produce an original signature line of décor.

A ‘pop’ of vibrancy

Raseel’s object of affection, Casa Pop, took another leap forward with the launch of a brand new store at the Select City Walk mall complex in Saket, New Delhi. The diverse and kitschy prêt diffusion line of Casa Paradox, is targeted towards the young urban consumer and skilfully reinforces the concept of ‘High Voltage Living’ with a design language that is born and made in India, but is meant for the world.

Spanning a space of 670 square feet, the new Casa Pop store will retail a prêt diffusion line which includes fashion, home accessories and incidental furniture. The new collection features bold and exciting accessories for both women and men. This is also the first time that Casa Pop will be launching a dedicated collection for men.

Constantly reinventing the existing collection, Raseel Gujral believes in experimenting with her designs. The colour palette in the latest collection comprises hues like sunset orange, Mediterranean blue, pistachio green, candy floss pink, golden beige and crimson red. Also being introduced is a collection created in glass with digital prints, which represents a move away from vegan leather.

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