A private island retreat for one couple only!

The perfect blend of privacy and full service, this private island resort is an escape in nature. Gladden Private Island is the most romantic gateway to an ultimate luxury experience.

The Gladden private island is elegantly designed for just one couple with all the exclusive services of the resort. Located 30 kilometers northeast of Placencia, Belize, Gladden Private Island is a white dot among a swirl of turquoise and aquamarine lagoons in Gladden Gaye. Meals are prepared by visiting chefs from renowned restaurants and accompanied by a sommelier – curated wine collection.

For couples to have amazing aerial views of the barrier beef, guests arrive at the island via helicopter flight from Belize City. A personal chef and concierge are a two minute boat ride away when signaled and to ensure if the guests are alone or if a member of a staff is visiting the land for any reason, “Privacy meter” is installed. Adding to the list of features, spa treatments to snorkeling, scuba diving with protected marine reserve are all a part of this luxurious Gladden private island.

Gladden is said to be one place which is a mix of relaxation and energy. You will never be bored because of the pool side lounging, cocktails in the open air palapa and sunset dinners on the roof top are the main attractions of the place.







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