A new style statement with holographs!

If there’s one thing this year’s trends have taught us, it’s that fashion is bored, with the minimalist status quo. That’s where this new pearly, shimmery holographic fabrics come to play!

Fashion designers must have had one hell of a season, with all the experiments they did to pop up with a look that had power to outshine plain old fabrics and designs.

Inspired from metallic and 3D effects, designer has opted for a new trend called Holographic designs. While holographs have rainbow iridescent swirls in their fabrics, metallic fabrics tend to have one shade which ultimately makes them more attractive and a “go to” for fashion experimentalists. Generally holographs are confused with metallic shimmers.

From glitter faces to holographic accessories, this year was filled with looks inspired by the future. It all started in New York where designers like Tom Ford, Jeremy Scott, Sies Marjan, Tibi and Maryam cloaked evening wear to trench coats and slim fitting suits in bubbly shades of mint, peaches and rainbow flecked whites. Then later in London, designers like Emilia Wickstead and Arthur Arbesser incorporated reflective fabrics onto the likes of trousers, slick tea dresses and statement jackets, giving birth to the trend that is taking 2018 by a storm!

The trend is not only limited to clothing but is also reaching to experiment with accessories like bags, shoes, sneakers, chokers and what not. Brands like H&M, ASOS and Zara have few successful collections.

Taking inspiration from 70s glam punk era, this trend aims at providing a rock chic look without looking extra, screams party, and of course looks amazing in every photo and gives you a casual/party  look.

Ultimately it’s not the latest fashion shows that have given birth to this style; the rainbow coloured trend was spotted mostly in street style looks and that inspired high end fashion designers to incorporate it in their recent collection, giving it the limelight it deserved! When it comes to actually donning these items, it can feel a little too out there, but it all comes to how to carry yourself and pair it. These holographs pieces will transform your wardrobe for good and will give you that little extra oomph to shine brighter.



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