A new dimension to Virtual Reality- Eye Tracking

A tech from Tobii (a firm specialising in eye tracking technology), which incorporates a thin bar-like device attached to your monitor; which can be configured to interact with your computer, making it accessible for games and also to the applications outside of games.


Tested rigidly on gaming PC’s, resulted in seemingly terrific accuracy even with contacts or spectacles on. The real problem arises when being tested on games- which in turn gave varied results across different platforms.Tested on three games and three system builds, results varied wildly in terms of both usefulness and functionality. Games such as Crysis 3, PUBG and Counterstrike were tried and tested on, and proved to be accurate on the greater side.

The Pro’s

Testing on the platform of Assassins Creed: Rogue is the “killer app” for eye tracking, being a well-known series from a major publisher. Small glances sped up aiming at enemies and often gave wide perspective views. The first-person survival game the hunter: primalgave the best results/experience with well working ocular camera.

The cons

The camera control was a bit on the losing side, lot on the fiddly side. The classic switching thumb stick was better in order to move the camera. Aiming at long ranges proved to be fatally disastrous, even after numerous recalibrations it was useless.

The future

More than 100 games currently support Tobii’s eye-tracking innovation, including blockbuster hits like Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Origins and independent top picks, for example, Ori and the Blind Forest. That implies that these games are likewise more open to players who may have handicaps that customary controllers and consoles don’t fit to.

With regards to gaming, Donegan says that the reasonable cost of Tobii’s EyeX and Eye Tracker 4C cameras might just help bring issues to light about how the innovation can help those with handicaps. Tobii’s tracker comes in certain equipment bundles, similar to the Alienware 17 R4 workstation and the Predator 21X screen. Players can likewise independently buy the $100 EyeX and the $150 Eye Tracker 4C (which accompanies extra head-tracking) to play games with eye-tracking.


This tech can be connected in settings other than gaming. For instance, community-oriented get together amongst robots and people in a production line. In these situations, a man’s look will normally prompt prior and more precise forecast by the robot, possibly expanding security and prompting better coordination.


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