A men’s shrug is a thing, and every fashion-forward guy must own it

The trend of Fluid fashion takes over the styling diaries of the metrosexual man. Welcome into the picture – The Man Shrug. Yes, it’s a cross between a cardigan and a jacket, and gives the usual women’s shrugs a masculine spin.

Gone are those days when you would find a shrug in women’s closet only. Now,some amazingly fashionable men like you and me are taking the lead and layering these cardigan-style shrugs over our outfits. They come in all shape and sizes depending on your look of the day.

Wearing shrugs was considered a huge fashion fad in the 1970’s,and looks like the fashion trend has taken a full circle and is now back in vogue. This trending style came into the picture a few years ago and has patrons from Jay-z to Shahid Kapoor, from David Beckham to Ranveer Singh, and from Justin Bieber to Arjun Kapoor. The revived trend takes mainstage this winter with a touch of modern fabrics and superb styling. Fabrics that are light-weight but keep you warm even on the coldest of days are what are trending, and are the perfect ally for the fluid fashion style that’s given birth to the Man Shrug.

But the real question is how can ‘you’ look the best in a Man Shrug? And, the best way to know that is while you go out for shopping, search for a cardigan that fits you perfectly, goes well with the outfit and is not too shiny or bright.

It’s a Shrug, Not a Crop-Top

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Yes, you heard that right. Don’t buy a cardigan which stays above your waist line. You can either opt for long-line cardigans along with plain V-neck t-shirt for a casual look or else you can go for a slim, simple fit cardigan with a clean suit to add style and sophistication to your office wear.Your complete attire should look effortless, as in the shrug should not look awkwardly short and sloppy even if you are taking a stroll around the corner.

Be Very Precise

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You need to accept the fact, that you don’t have a dozen’s of option when it comes to clothing. Likewise, when it comes to selecting men shrugs, not every shrug is designed to enhance your appearance. If you are looking for something that will make you stand apart from the rest, we would suggest you pick a man shrug in a knitted fabric instead of one in cotton or any other fabric.

Your Colour-Coordination Game Should be Perfect

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Please for God sake don’t ruin your handsomeness and the beauty of your outfit by mix-matching divergent colours. Dark colours like: black, navy blue, and grey are the most preferred colours when it comes to choosing shrugs for men’s wardrobe, which means bright colours or neon hues are a big NO. Your colour-coordination game should be subtle and smooth, don’t dress awkwardly just to try something new.

Lesson to learn

Shrugs are a universal fashion clothing item which blends perfectly with your attire. They go perfectly well at your casual family gathering and evenings with friends or your bae. So,go on update your wardrobe with a man shrug.

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