8 top travel destinations this Winter

destinations in winter

Winter season, the perfect holiday season. Some of us will be visiting to places with a bit warm or tropical weather, some of us want to eat different delicacies and the rest of the people will be visiting  places that get even more beautiful at the time of the fall.

So, here the eight places which are a great option for you to visit this winter season with your friends and family. Every nation is beautiful in its own unique way, it just depends upon what kind of an experience excites you the most.



destination in winters

Winters are the most awaited period of time in Germany, especially in Berlin. As one month before the Christmas, the whole city starts to get decorated. At every nook and corner there is good vibe, friendly environment which makes it look very beautiful and mesmerising. You can visit the famous handcrafted goods store, Gendarmenmarkt along with the two-story Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas store that sells everything from candles to tree decorations.



destination in winters

The weather in Spain and availability of hotels at a cheaper price are two prime reasons which make it a must visit place in winters. It is the perfect time to wander around historic sites and relax in sunny squares.



destination in winters

When, in Barbados, you must visit the Mount Gay Rum Island which is one of the oldest distillers in the world and is famous for its hand-crafted rum cocktails. It’s also a fairly quiet island known for its luxury accommodations. Either you can just sit and enjoy the privacy at these quiet beaches or you can go for snorkelling into the crystal clear water bodies.


Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and also a land of mind bending view to city skylines. Both the city’s old and new town are UNESCO World Heritage sites along with the famous Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace being the most paid tourist attraction sites in the country. The look and the feel of the place get even more breathtaking when it gets covered by a white sheet of snow.

Costa Rica

destination in winters

If you are a kind of person who would prefer warm and tropical weather along with soft beaches over winters, then Costa Rica is the place for you. You can experience the high range of flora and fauna at a very nominal rate of expenditure. Volcanoes, Jungles and wildlife are the major attractions for the tourist.


The best time to visit Canada is between starting of the January till the end of February. Due to the Winterlude festival all the monuments and buildings of the country are bedecked with glittering lights. If along with this you want to have some good food, you can pay a visit Restaurant 18 on York Street that serves Canadian cuisine with a modern twist.


Reykjavik is one of the most coldest cities in Europe along with plenty of natural hot springs to warm up in. The thing which makes this place so special is the annual Winter Lights festival, to celebrate the end of winters and the beginning of light seasons. Vibrant light designs, live music and delicious street food make it all worth a visit. At this time of the year many coffee houses Rúgbrauð, locally made, dark, sweet bread.


destination in winters

There is no extreme temperature in Belgium, whether it is winters or summers. But due to Christmas Eve and Christmas market throughout Belgium, winter is a more preferable time for adults and children to enjoy. Other then this you get good transport and accommodation facilities in descent price.

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