8 reasons why the Dead Sea in Israel should be on your 2018 #BucketList

Dead Sea

Known in Hebrew as Yam Ha-Melakh, which translates to the ‘Sea of Salt’, is another popular local name of what we all know as the Dead Sea. It is the lowest point on earth which is surrounded by the stunning landscape of the Negev Desert. The shores of the Dead Sea are the lowest point on the surface of the earth, and the saline water of the lake give a lead to the name ‘Dead Sea’ because no fish can survive in the salty waters. The other result of the salty water of the Dead Sea is their renowned health and healing properties and the unique feature that one can float naturally in them. The thought of being afloat and trying out this miracle first-hand should top your bucket-list for 2018. Here is a list of things you didn’t know about the Dead Sea, and these points of fact should further force you to plan your visit soon.

dead sea 2

  1. The Dead Sea is 3 million years old and the lowest point on earth at 1,388 ft below sea level
  2. The lowest point on earth is also home to the lowest road on the planet, Highway 90 located 1,289 ft. below sea level on the Israeli shore
  3. One of the saltiest water bodies on the planet, the Dead Sea has 10 times the salt concentration of ocean water creating the bucket list experience of floating on water
  4. What if we told you that the Dead Sea isn’t a sea at all but actually a hypersaline lake ranked as the world’s deepest saltwater lake

dead sea 1

  1. The world’s first and most popular health resort, the Dead Sea was a favorite among royalty with the likes of King Herod the Great and Queen Cleopatra
  2. The biggest free spa on earth, the Dead Sea region has been attracting visitors from all over the world.  The mineral content in the water, mud, and salt, the low content of pollen and other allergens along with low solar UV radiation, combined with the atmospheric pressure and the depth, have healing properties for various skin diseases, respiratory ailments, and rheumatic pain.  A unique occurrence in the Dead Sea is of large amounts of asphalt which rises to the surface of the water.  Ancient Egyptians would import the asphalt from the Dead Sea region and used it to embalm mummies.
  3. Yes, the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found here; hundreds of well preserved Biblical and non-biblical manuscripts that helped reshape historic views on religion.
  4. Evidence shows that the Dead Sea may dry up within 50 years so we recommend a quick visit in 2018!


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