8 Must Read Titles for 2017

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It’s time to escape the real world and delve into the depths of imagination. Here’s a list of books to be released in 2017 that have created expectant ripples in the literary sphere.

  1. A Conjuring of Light (Shades of Magic #3 by V Schwab) 

Victoria Schwab has captivated the reader with the gripping characters in her series, Shades of Magic. Her intense description of a magical multi-layered world has created curiosity amongst the readers. Promising more exhilaration is the scenario how Kell and Rhy would struggle for Red London.This series would bring down the fall of Maresh Empire and war between the Four (London).

  1. Life and Work (By David Lynch) 

David Lynch is teaming up with journalist Kristine McKenna to pen his new memoir/ biography. The memoir would include an account of Lynch’s friendships, his creative struggles and artistic development in the industry. Kristine would be contributing a proportionate amount of content to the biographical sections, drawing from the 90 interviews. It’s through his book that Lynch wants people to know about his life, and not through other books or the rumours doing the rounds on the internet.

  1. Wired (Buchanan-Renard #13 by Julie Garwood)

This is the story of computer coder Allison Trent and an FBI agent Liam Scott. On discovering about the ingenious coding Technic of Allison, agent Scott invites her to crack a case of cyber crime that lies pending for the past two years. During her tenure at the FBI cyber center, somebody steals the computer program developed by Allison. The brewing romance between Allison and Liam and the gripping suspense is all you need to grab a copy of Wired.

  1. Hit Refresh (By Satya Nadella) 

With ‘change’ as the prime motto, Satya Nadella has announced his upcoming book Hit Refresh. In his latest outing as an author, Nadella concentrates on the fact that ‘people, organization and societies can and must transform’. The three core narratives of Hit Refresh include Nadella’s personal transformation, the internal changes within the company where he worked and a great transformation in the society through the diffusion of intelligent machines. This is not a memoir or a success story but a commentary on the steps leading up to that. Nadella says that the transformation stories in the book will prove beneficial for the Microsoft team members, customers and partners as they make their way through the corporate world.

  1. No Barriers: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon(By Erik Weihenmayer)

Post the huge success of his memoir Touch the Top of the World wherein he poignantly describes his struggles and journey of the seven summits, Erik Weihenmayer now returns with No Barriers. This too is a memoir which narrates hisvision to kayak one of the world’s mightiest rivers as a sightless athlete, and his personal progression as he goes about achieving this goal.

  1. Sea of Rust (By C Robert Cargill) 

This is the story of the Robot who is in search for answer after the human are gone. Sea of Rust is from the author of the acclaimed series Dreams and Shadows, Robert Cargill. The story is set up after 30 year when the human have lost against the artificial intelligence. The main protagonist The Martin surprises with the exciting twist in the world of machines.

  1. The Core (The Demon Cycle #5 by Peter V Brett) 

The Core would be the fifth and final installment of The Demon Cycle series. With Leesha to be in the lead along with Arlen and Jardir,it promises to be thoroughly rousing for its readers. Peter V Brett has always concluded the individual segments of the seriesat a cliffhanger, leaving the patrons of the series on the edge and expecting more. And the last in the very popular sequence promises to be ever more a zinger.

  1. The Naked World (Jubilee Cycle #2 by Eli K P William) 

Amon Kenzaki awakens lost and alone in the convoluted world of digital images and spying. He wants to unveil the mystery of jubilee, which can be achieved with the help of Anisha Birla. When forced by political groups, he brings together a new force to expose the secrets of the market he himself onceserved. He also comes across two extreme groups called the Borginans and the Charity Brigade, one of which preaches ill about electronic banking while the other is committed to protecting the bankdead.

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