7 iconic NYE party destinations

Here is our list of ‘it’ places for you to bring in 2018 with an experience of explicit beauty and impeccable moments during this New Year’s Eve.

As the year is coming to an end, we are all looking for places to experience the best New Year Eve’s ever. A spectacular display of fireworks, music, dance, impeccable delicacies and a party of a lifetime are some of the things which will make the night so grand.

But where’s the best place to be when the clock strikes 12 on the night of December 31? No worries, we have got you covered. We bring you a list of 7 of the world’shottest destinations where you should be to tic-tac-toe your way to the final countdown before heading to 2018.

New York City, New York

New York City welcomes the New Year in the most spectacular style with big music acts as well as a wishing wall where you can write down your New Year resolutions along with other people attending the event. Millions of people gather around the Times Square to see and cherish live performances by the famous musicians and crystal ball drop atop One Times Square.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Just like its Carnival festivities, Rio De Janeiro is also famous for its world’s largest and arguably the wildest New Year party at Copacabana beach. The locals dress-up in white (believed to bring good luck) and honour Yemanja, goddess of the seas. You get to experience the culture, tradition and religion of South America along with great music and dance shows. Just be sure to leave your black attire at home: Brazilian lore considers it an evil omen.

Goa, India

When it comes to searching for places to experience the craziest and wildest parties, Goa is no less.  With 24 hours open clubs and beach parties, and people roaming around the streets enjoying some delicious foods and drinks, it automatically becomes a must visit place for you this New Year. I would suggest that if you are looking for some extravagant parties then you should visit north GOA and if you’re looking for more intimate parties than you should go south Goa.

Las Vegas, Nevada

A list of biggest party hubs in the world is always empty without Las Vegas! Unlike other days, on 31st of December every casino, hotels and resorts make the night even grander for you with some unique and mind-bending arrangements for parties around the city. After 6:00 pm the famous four-mile-long strip is shut to vehicle traffic and opened up to people who wish to celebrate by walking around, drinking, and watching blistering fireworks.

Paris, France

What can be better than celebrating the New Year’s night in the most romantic city of the world? Nothing, the whole city gets lit-up including the iconic Eiffel Tower, which makes it look so romantic and mesmerising. Additional to this you can enjoy some tremendous fireworks and street parties as walk down the streets of Paris.

Miami, Florida

Be it anytime of the year Miami won’t let you down when it comes to crazy party nights. Sandy shores, nightclubs, glamorous crowd and spectacular celebrity performances which heat up the atmosphere on the last day of the year. With its world-class nightlife, Miami is a perfect destination for New Year’s celebration.

Sydney, Australia

If you go by the time, you can also be the first one to ring in the New Year along with the localities of Australia. And if this does entice you, than let me tell you that Australia puts on the biggest fireworks display in the world, one at 9 pm and other at midnight with each lasting for 12 minutes. The show attracts millions of people, with the famed Sydney Harbor, as well as the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the places to see.

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